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John Scott Masthead
August 21 2014 at 05:25

 YOU had to know your acronyms to understand what mayor Patricia de Lille was talking about when she addressed the Cape Town City Council yesterday.

For instance, a number of consumers had already connected rooftop PV generation to the city’s electricity grid. That’s “photovoltaic” for the unitiated. And SSEG tariffs would make it legally possible to feed electrical power back into the municipal grid. What, you haven’t heard of “small-scale embedded generation”?

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August 12 2014 at 05:01

Some 13 500 applicants failed their driving test in Cape Town during a three-month period this year, some of them having tried five times.

I’m not surprised. Mayoral committee member JP Smith says the traffic officers who test them have to “act like robots”. If I had to be tested by a robot I’d also fail, and I’ve been driving for 57 years.

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August 5 2014 at 05:44

 IT HAS taken the Cape Town City Council 41 years to improve the little-green-man pedestrian system.

Ever since 1973 we have taken our lives in our hands crossing main roads legally, while simultaneously dodging cars sneakily coming at us from around the corner.

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July 29 2014 at 10:56

Just when Parliament began to look more interesting, President Jacob Zuma has to go and urge members to exercise more tolerance and respect towards one another.

Has he no sympathy for people in the public gallery who want a bit of excitement for a change?

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July 24 2014 at 07:08

Rather than the tale of one city, yesterday’s city council meeting was the tale of two mayors.

Both got standing ovations, but the ANC opposition applauded only the first one, a 16-year-old schoolboy who dazzled his elders with his oratory. If Carl-Joshua Pophaim ever goes into politics as an adult, he will have constituents hanging on to his every word.

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