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August 4 2014 at 05:40

 What do unmarried women want? It is interesting that men still don’t know after having had 3 million years to find out. On the other hand women don’t know either. Or rather, they constantly rearrange their prejudices according to age.

An example is quoted in a Californian magazine, Lifestyle, following an interview with Denise Palermo of San Francisco. Palermo, who is into information technology, had just turned 29 and says she had “lowered the bar” when it came to what sort of male she would like as a partner.

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July 30 2014 at 10:50

Do you check your supermarket till slip, or just toss it without a glance? It’s not nearly as engaging a habit as checking Facebook or Twitter, but the practice is more likely to benefit you in a tangible way.

Earlier this month, Davy Ivins wrote to Consumer Watch about the two incidents that converted him into a dedicated till slip interrogator.

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July 28 2014 at 06:47

There’s no commonality – not all 699-ers had the same experience.

The claims of manipulating expenses information to influence credit scoring are completely reliant on hearsay and speculation and the application should be dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction.

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July 23 2014 at 07:10

 As corporate mess-ups go, it was pretty big. A “pre-legal credit controller” employed by cellphone service provider Altech Autopage sent an e-mail to 45 of its subscribers earlier this month, many of them former subscribers, telling them to pay up or face the consequences.

“We refer to your Altech Autopage account which has gradually digressed into an arrear status.

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July 21 2014 at 04:53

His name is Johannes Ignatius Bartosch, and he’s the R699 man.

He’s been chosen by attorney Duncan Heuer of Port Elizabeth law firm Pieterse, Cary, Finlaison Inc, as the person to represent all Satinsky clients in a notice of motion the firm’s legal counsel will take to the Port Elizabeth High Court tomorrow to have a class action brought against Satinsky and the banks.

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