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May 12 2014 at 10:12

If you seldom, if ever, go through your bank statement, line by line, consider this: Fraudulently acquired lists of consumers’ names, ID numbers, cellphone numbers and bank account details are apparently being traded in the marketplace. This is information that makes it easy for the ethically challenged to activate a debit order on your account, without your knowledge, much less your consent.

Every month South African banks process about 31 million debit orders, 0.4 percent – 120 000 – of which are disputed, according to the Payments Association of SA (Pasa).

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May 7 2014 at 06:12

When last did you engage with your broker or directly with your insurer about the insurance premium on your car?

If your car is no longer new, and you haven’t made that call for a few years, chances are the premium you’re paying is far higher than it could be.

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May 5 2014 at 09:38

If you suddenly had access to credit which you knew you didn’t have the means to repay, would you go on a spending spree anyway?

And if you did, and then defaulted on your repayments, whose fault would that be – yours or the credit provider who gave you credit which you clearly couldn’t afford?

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April 28 2014 at 06:43

Today being a day for reflecting on the past 20 years of our nation’s history, I thought I’d take a look at how things have changed for us as consumers since 1994.

Most of the changes, of course, have been driven by technology.

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April 23 2014 at 10:06

Few things annoy shoppers more than seeing a store employee applying higher prices to goods already on the shelf.

The implication is obvious – the supplier price may well have gone up, but that shouldn’t apply to the goods on shelf, as clearly they were acquired at a lower price, therefore the extra profit margin on those items is unwarranted.

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