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April 23 2014 at 10:06

Few things annoy shoppers more than seeing a store employee applying higher prices to goods already on the shelf.

The implication is obvious – the supplier price may well have gone up, but that shouldn’t apply to the goods on shelf, as clearly they were acquired at a lower price, therefore the extra profit margin on those items is unwarranted.

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April 7 2014 at 10:49

The industry which is built on the collection of old, potentially prescribed debt is about to implode…

I’ve devoted much column space in the past to informing consumers about the law of prescription and how it can help them when faced with demands from debt collectors.

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April 2 2014 at 06:30

Kyle of Durban is a very unhappy man. A huge fan of the Polo brand, he has splashed out more than R14 000 on clothing bearing the Polo pony logo: formal shirts, golf shirts, T-shirts, bags, even his wallet and cufflinks are Polo.

But since being tipped off about a Sunday newspaper report revealing that his clothing is made by Polo South Africa, and has absolutely nothing to do with the international brand Polo by Ralph Lauren, he’s no longer proud of his wardrobe.

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March 31 2014 at 09:13

It’s bad enough booking and paying for a flight online and then getting to the airport in good time only to be told the flight was overbooked, and you’ll have to fly later.

But imagine turning up and discovering there is no record of your booking at all and the only way you can get on the flight is to pay for your ticket a second time.

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March 26 2014 at 11:32

Not too long ago I used to get defensive at the suggestion that I should be on Twitter; today I find responding to consumer queries in less than 140 characters an oddly exhilarating challenge.

Okay, I cringe when substituting “are” with “r” to make my response fit, and many times I give up and ask the tweeter to e-mail me instead. Précis has its limits.

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