Planned maintenance rose to 7‚412 Megawatts (MW) on January 3 from 7‚000MW on December 31‚ but remained below the 8‚000MW on December 27‚ while unplanned outages eased to 4‚189MW from 5‚300MW and 5‚225MW‚ Eskom said on Thursday in its 103rd system status bulletin.

Eskom’s internal benchmark is to have no more than 3‚600MW in unplanned maintenance‚ a benchmark it missed more than 60% of the time last year. The last time it achieved this benchmark prior to November 29 was on August 14.

Peak demand was expected to jump from 24‚819MW on December 26 to 30‚147MW on January 9 as factories restart operations after the Christmas break. - I-Net Bridge