Saudis order new check on meat

New York - Saudi Arabia, the world’s second-largest buyer of Brazil’s chicken, ordered new inspections of meat from the South American nation after allegations that exporters bribed local inspectors to approve tainted meat for sale.

The Saudi Food & Drugs Authority ordered port inspectors to “intensify checks” and take samples of meat to make sure they met standards, the official Saudi Press Agency said. Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health told port operators to hold meat until samples were taken, and validated.

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File picture: Nacho Doce/Reuters

Saudi Arabia imported 744000tons of Brazilian chicken meat in the period from February to January this year, making it the second-biggest buyer after China and Hong Kong combined, according to Brazilian meat exporters group Abiec.

Some of the world’s biggest protein buyers are slapping limits on supplies from Brazil as producers in the country become embroiled in a tainted-meat scandal. China, the largest importer of Brazil chicken and beef, has temporarily suspended shipments from the South American country.

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