Broadband, our No 1 life-changer


London - Many people still live without it but on Wednesday the innovation of broadband was named the development that has most changed our lives.

It beat the introduction of the internet, which was placed second, and left the iPad and iPhone trailing in a top 30 that was based on a survey of 2 000 adults by Hotpoint.

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Broadband beat the introduction of the internet, which was placed second. Picture: Boxer Ngwenya

Pragmatic Britons put the washing machine in third place. And one in three have a fridge, toaster or washing machine that has outlasted a relationship.

The typical home has three major appliances that are broken or only partly functioning – most likely to be dishwashers, washing machines and printers. Just 16 percent of Britons felt their home was “up to date”.

Top 10 items that have changed out lives:

1, Broadband;

2, Internet;

3, Washing machine;

4, Email;

5, Fridge;

6, Freezer;

7, Microwave;

8, Dishwasher;

9, Kettle;

10, Satellite TV. - Daily Mail

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