London - It looks rather like a collection of old leftovers from the school physics lab.

However, this is the computer which gave birth to the Apple empire and its offspring – the MacBook, iPod, iPhone and iPad, among others.

The Apple 1 was created by Steve Jobs and fellow Apple founder Steve Wozniak in 1976. They built 200 in the garage of Jobs’ parents in California. Forty-six remain, though only six still work.

They cost $666.66 (about R6 800), although buyers would also have had to pay for a monitor, keyboard and a cassette player – needed to load the software. It had 8K of memory – not enough to store a single song.

This example carries Wozniak’s signature on the motherboard and is expected to fetch around £250 000 at an auction in Cologne, Germany, on May 25.

In a nod to the technology, potential buyers can follow the auction online on their iPads. - Daily Mail