London - Finally, someone has found a way to combine sex and smartphones with more sophistication than a fuzzy sext you later regret.

Fundawear – a prototype conception from Durex Australia – adds an extra dimension to long-distance lovemaking through the use of hi-tech vibrating underwear that can be wirelessly stimulated via a mobile app.

And stimulated is very much the word. The intensity and location of the vibrations can be controlled with a flick of a finger, which doesn’t seem too far off the real thing.

To demonstrate, Durex recruited chirpy Bondi couple Nick and Dani to be the first to test it. They were separated before the trial, and, in their own words, by the time they came to use Fundawear they felt like they hadn’t seen each other for “like, 100 years”.

Within seconds, the pair were twitching about on their beds like they’d got electric ants in their pants, so it seems to work, though (thank the sweet Lord) the promotional video is short, so for all we know they may have both lost interest after a couple of minutes and started playing Angry Birds.

Still, tech director Ben Moir, who is featured in the video, remains confident: “Fundawear is a project about transferring touch across vast distances and that really is a first globally,” he says. “People are gonna want this.”

And it’s not just the interest of pining couples that’s been piqued. As one of the many excited comments on its Facebook page so earnestly asks: “Is it possible to use this on yourself?”

Watch the video on – The Independent