London - Google Glass, the controversial wearable computer, has finally been released in the UK, with a price tag of £1 000 (about R18 000).

Britons over the age of 18 can now buy a Glass prototype, previously only available in the US, as part of Google’s Explorer Program, which gives users the chance to test the product while it is still being developed.

The futuristic device is worn like a pair of spectacles and allows the wearer to make calls, read emails and text messages, take photographs and videos, and access the internet.

All this is done on a transparent screen that appears on the right side of the user’s line of vision.

The Glass is voice-activated, and is used by saying “Okay Glass” before dictating commands such as “take a picture”.

Head of Google Glass Ivy Ross, said: “Technology is at its best when it fits seamlessly into our lives and lets us get on with whatever we’re doing. Our goal for Glass is exactly that - to make it easier to bring people the technology they rely on without drawing them out of the moment.”

Google are running events in London on Friday and Saturday, where customers can go to be fitted and ask questions. - Daily Mail