Integrated home entertainment music experience


Do Gaming received several cool gadgets this week and when combined together, provide a really amazing experience.

Cape Town - The basis for this experience is the HTC One X, which we have reviewed already. But we've also managed to get an HTC Media Link HD courtesy of HTC and on Monday we received a set of Studio Beats. by dr. dre.

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Unboxing Studio Beats. by dr. dre.The Beats sound has a strong base feel to it and HTC has increased the power output on the mini jack from the phone.

We also have a media trial account from Simfy Africa, giving us access to 18 million tracks of music. Put that all together and you have a pretty amazing music experience.

Let's start with the Studio Beats. by dr. dre. We've taken some unboxing pictures and were really impressed with the quality.

Beats are of course used by most of the famous sportsmen and women in the world and even South Africa's Oscar Pistorius posted his headset on Twitter recently.

Once we'd done the unboxing we pulled up the Simfy app on the One X and tried them out. The sound experience is phenomenal and as you plug in the headsets, the little red beats signal pops up on the phone providing enhanced audio.

The Beats sound has a strong base feel to it and HTC has increased the power output on the mini jack from the phone, meaning you have the ability to really pump up the volume. The Beats experience can be applied across media on the phone too.

Having done that, we put the Media Link HD into a screen and sent the Simfy app onto the screen from the phone. What that then did is put the sound through the home entertainment system, turning the HTC One X into a media centre. With a 10 Mbps Telkom Do Uncapped line, streaming Sting from the office router was not even a worry and of course bandwidth was not a concern either.

The media links is small device with an HDMI-out. It can either mirror the One X image or you can pop Simfy or any other app on the screen and then go back to using your phone, while it streams in the background.

Not only does the Media Link HD allow you to turn your HTC One phone into a media centre but it also makes it into a gaming console. From Angry Birds to games like The Dark Meadow which take advantage of the Tegra 3 quad core processor. Trying it out with the Media Link HD created a unique gaming experience which wasn't a phone-like experience or a tablet or a console gaming experience.

Being able to have some really amazing games available at the swish of three fingers on an HD screen with surround sound is pretty incredible.

We'll give you a more detailed breakdown of the Studio Beats. by dr. dre once we've had a chance to play with them properly. The beats experience along with the Media Link HD work across the HTC One range including the X, S and V.

And don't worry about storage either. Each HTC One phone comes with a 25GB Drop Box account and the HTC One X has 32GB of storage on board. - Do Gaming

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