London - How does any self-respecting celebrity spend Christmas? By telling the world about it on Twitter, of course.

For Coleen Rooney, the celebrations involved raiding the dressing-up box to turn herself into Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz.

The 26-year-old posted a photo on Wednesday of herself with three-year-old son Kai as the Scarecrow. Whether or not her footballer husband Wayne, 27, joined in the fun in quite the same way is unclear.

Nigella Lawson also appeared keen to sport a different look. The raven-haired TV cook wore a blonde wig as she held up a sign reading ‘Happy holidays!’ in a snap she uploaded to her page.

On another site, Instagram, British Sports Personality of the Year Bradley Wiggins posted a photo of his seven-year-old son Ben grinning as he proudly shows off his Christmas present of a racing bike – perhaps not surprising, given his father’s phenomenal success at the Tour de France and the Olympics.

And on the prime minister’s official Twitter page, Larry the No 10 cat was pictured sprawled out in a Santa hat. - Daily Mail