London - If you’ve arranged a romantic meal at a swanky restaurant but can’t tell a Pinot Noir from a Merlot, there’s a device that could spare you your blushes – and impress your other half.

An app for smartphones promises to match your meal with the perfect wine.

Developed by a lecturer in wine studies from University College Birmingham, the app requires users to simply type in the food they are about to eat and the most suitable wine is recommended.

Creator Amy Hollier said she hoped the app, called Wine Find, and costing 69p, would put a stop to the snobbery surrounding wine.

She said: “Wine should be accessible. It’s about socialising and enjoying what you are drinking. A lot of effort goes into making wine so it is nice to find out more about it.”

For those with a fine bottle of pink Champagne, the app suggests summer pudding or raspberry pavlova. If you are eating octopus, it recommends Spain’s white Albarino and Viura varieties. - Daily Mail