Tokyo - A 42-year-old Japanese artist was arrested on Monday for allegedly sending data of her genitals for a three-dimensional printer, reports said.

Megumi Igarashi, who works under the name of “Rokudenashi-ko” (good-for-nothing girl),” was suspected of having distributed the data to a man through the internet so that he could produce a model of her genitals, the Kyodo News agency reported, citing police.

The Tokyo-based artist, who is raising funds to build a boat that looks like genitalia, has so far collected about 1-million yen (about R98 000) in exchange for sending the 3D data to various recipients, Kyodo said.

“I cannot understand why the police recognise the 3D data as obscene material,” Igarashi told police, according to the report. - Sapa-dpa