US futures higher as tensions ease

New York - US stock index futures were higher on Monday, indicating that Friday's sharp rally could continue as it appeared less likely that the tense situation between Russia and Ukraine would escalate.

The US bourse is set to open higher as European leaders get ready to meet. Credit: REUTERS

European shares rose more than 1 percent on Monday.

The US is also pushing for a new Iraq government, which Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has been battling to prevent, deploying forces across Baghdad as some parliamentary allies sought a replacement.

While 15 is well below the VIX's long-term average of 20, it follows a multi-month period where the so-called “fear index” rarely closed above 13.

Dow Jones industrial average e-mini futures rose 57 points and Nasdaq 100 e-mini futures added 20.5 points.

MannKind was the Nasdaq's most active premarket mover.

The company was responding to investor concerns about its growth prospects and complicated financial structure.

Shares jumped 8 percent to $39 in premarket trading.

The utility sector is one of 2014's strongest, up 8.8 percent as investors have sought more defensive plays throughout the year. - Reuters