SA budget gap slightly narrower

Johannesburg - South Africa's budget deficit in April, the first month of the 2014/15 fiscal year, was 40.096 billion rand compared with a 40.534 billion rand gap over the same period the previous year, Treasury data showed on Friday.

The table below shows revenue and expenditure for April, compared with the same period in 2013/14.

These are also expressed as a percentage of the 2014/15 budget estimate for the current year and the preliminary outcome for 2013/14.

REVENUE April % of Budget estimate/

Fiscal year R'bln Preliminary outcome

2014/15 44.454 4.6

2013/14 40.349 4.6

EXPENDITURE April Pct of Budget estimate/

2014/15 84.55 7.4

2013/14 80.883 7.7 - Reuters