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In Personal Finance this weekend

Where do you stand as an investor as the markets dip and dive? Find out in Personal Finance this Saturday.

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Fica update: where to from here?

The Financial Intelligence Centre Act seems to frustrate individuals more than money launderers and terrorist supporters. The government is due to shift the foc... Read Story

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Best of both worlds

Property investments combine the ambitions of income funds and equity funds. The Catalyst Global Real Estate PSG Feeder Fund is a top performer in this field. <... Read Story

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Council’s circulars ‘are not binding on med schemes’
July 31 2015 at 19:42

Circulars published by the Council for Medical Schemes should not be regarded as directives to schemes, Paul Midlane, the general manager for legal governance risk compliance at Medscheme Holdings, says.

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In Personal Finance on 1 August
July 30 2015 at 17:40

Prescribed minimum benefits: how proposed amendment could affect members of medical schemes

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