IOL UWC march

1980s UWC incubated a special breed

Heroes all, victims never, architects of their own destiny, Courtney Sampson salutes UWC’s 1980s alumni.

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Copy of ca E2 P01 Hangberg 4072.JPG

Cars set alight as Hangberg erupts

An upmarket block of flats became the target of angry residents as the Hangberg housing saga erupted again.

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Copy of ca p6 Ricardo Abrahams done

Cop: I was selling takkies not drugs

A Cape Town police constable facing charges of drug dealing and corruption says he is innocent.

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Rand slumps to 8-month low

The rand slid to an eight-month low against the dollar after South Africa’s monthly trade deficit widened more than predicted.

Bra’s of bravery to fight breast cancer
After reading an inspirational article in the Alberton Record, “‘n Blom vir iemand Spesiaal”, our Facebook group, Scrap Decore, an arts and crafts group ...