A trip down memory lane

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  1. 1935-1940 NIGHT LIGHTS: Adderly Street shimmers in the dark on a chilly night.
  2. 1900 ON THE MARKET: A slow day in Greenmarket square in front of the Wesleyan Church. During the time of the South African War, note the horse-drawn transport.
  3. 1852 FIRST: One of the earliest-known photographer of outdoor Cape Town. The setting in Wale Street.
  4. 1900 HORSE BEFORE THE WAGON: Carts and horses line St George's Mall in 1900
  5. 1930 GRASS ROOTS: A woman strolls down Adderley Street, past the flower sellers.
  6. 1910 OLD AND GRAND: Showing off their wares, city residents gather on the Grand Parade.