Family grieves after hit-and-run

Copy of ct hit and run _3089 ANGUISH: Charmaine Isaacs cannot control hrt despair after her son, Zach, 4 was killed in a hit - and run- incident in Frank Louw Avenue in Bellville South. Photo: Leon Knipe

Simone Alicea

POLICE arrested a motorist on a charge of culpable homicide after he ran over and killed a 4-year-old boy in Bellville South on Saturday.

Zach Isaacs was playing outside his house and was about to cross Frank Louw Avenue to go to a shop to buy sweets when the car hit him on Saturday morning.

“It’s the saddest Mother’s Day,” said Zach’s mother, Charmaine Isaacs.

Witnesses say the incident was a hit-and-run.

They said the driver got out of the car, looked at the boy in the street, then got back into the car and drove away.

ct hit and run to Zach Isaacs

Police could only confirm that Zach was knocked down and killed by a car on Saturday morning and that they arrested a man soon afterwards.

Isaacs was at work when her son was killed. Her son was at home with a

family friend. She said she had spoken to Zach on the phone during her lunch break, right before the accident.

“I told him I was going to get off work a little late, and I asked him if everything was okay,” Isaacs said.

“Right after that my landlady called me and said something had happened.”

Isaacs got the call around 12.30pm and ran the few blocks from work to her home. People had already started gathering at the scene. Isaacs said when she got there, she didn’t want to talk to anybody.

CT hIT AND RUN 3058 HEARTBREAKING: The body of 4-year old Zach Isaacs lies at the feet of an officer in Bellville South on Saturday morning while others look on. Zach was knocked over by a car outside his home. Photo: Leon Knipe

“I just saw my son there. Nobody could touch me,” Isaacs said.

“I just wanted to look at him. There was a lot of blood.”

Isaacs said Zach was bleeding from a head wound and that the paramedics came and tried to revive the child.

“They really tried, but they spoke to me and they said it was already too late.”

Isaacs said police and forensics arrived on the scene about an hour later. She said that Zach’s father, who did not live with the family, called her yesterday to say that the police had arrested the driver.

“The circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated,” police spokesman Andre Traut said.

However, the arrest did not provide Isaacs with much comfort. “They told me he was drunk, but I don’t care about him (the driver),” Isaacs said.

“For me, I lost my baby.”

Isaacs, 42, has three older children, Nathaniel, 16, Angelique, 18, and Chardonay, 21. She says that Zach was a gift.

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