‘I pray to live a drug-free life’

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  1. IN WINTER'S GRIP: A couple huddle together for warmth, trying to keep out the chill and wind. Photo: Luc Grendon
  2. THICK JACKET, THIN BLANKET: There is little to stop the cold from the tar seeping through a thin blanket. Photo: Courtney Africa
  3. 'PEOPLE JUDGE US' : Homeless friends chuckle as a curious child is hurried along by his father in Observatory. Photo: Courtnet Africa
  4. SPACE OF THEIR OWN: Two women have tried to take the edge off the cold from a Woodstock pavement by sitting on cardboard. Photo: Courtney Africa
  5. PULLING TOGETHER: Friends use a break in the rain to gather around a fire to cook and try to get warm. Photo: Jeffrey Abrahams