ct initiates 6
brenton geach

Six initiates die in the Eastern Cape

Six young men have died in the Eastern Cape since the start of the initiation season this month, the provincial Health Department said yesterday.

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Copy of Copy of PN Cuban 5 2
Nicolite Ngwenyama

Message of solidarity shared with Cuban ‘heroes’

The Cuban Five laid a wreath at Freedom Park in the capital yesterday in memory of Cubans who died during South Africa's liberation Struggle.

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ct _Solar_Impulse_2_RTW_3rd_Flight_Ahmedabad_to_Varanasi_landing_Revillard_24

Solar-powered plane aims to cross Pacific in 5 days

A solar-powered aircraft took off from Japan yesterday to begin a historical five-day non-stop crossing of the Pacific to Hawaii - the longest leg of its round-... Read Story


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