Plenty of goals for players

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  1. Cape Town. 140901. UCT(blue) vs UWC(yellow) play each other at UCT. UCT fans cheer after a goal is scored. Asitandile Sihawu screams for joy. Pic COURTNEY AFRICA
  2. TUSSLE: Curtley Beukes of UWC tries to get away from hard-working Byron Donaldson.
  3. IN THE NET: Curtley Beukes, celebrates after scoring for UWC
  4. EAR ALL ABOUT IT: University of the Western Cape fans root their team at UCT's Green Mile Satdium. Their derby finished in a 3-3 draw.
  5. WING MAN: Moussi Sopp Louis Romain holds Wade Crowie of UWC
  6. FINE SPIRIT: Fans finds their voice as UWC and UCT battle of superiority.