Plenty of goals for players

The battle lines were drawn, leaving Cape Town divided as the city's two top universities locked horns in round seven of the Football Varsity soccer tournament yesterday.

The match, played at UCT's Green Mile Stadium, was between the home side and the University of the Western Cape (UWC).

Cape Town. 140901. UCT(blue) vs UWC(yellow) play each other at UCT. UCT fans cheer after a goal is scored. Asitandile Sihawu screams for joy. Pic COURTNEY AFRICATUSSLE: Curtley Beukes of UWC tries to get away from hard-working Byron Donaldson.IN THE NET: Curtley Beukes, celebrates after scoring for UWCEAR ALL ABOUT IT: University of the Western Cape fans root their team at UCT's Green Mile Satdium. Their derby finished in a 3-3 draw.WING MAN: Moussi Sopp Louis Romain holds Wade Crowie of UWCFINE SPIRIT: Fans finds their voice as UWC and UCT battle of superiority.

For UCT - also known as The Warriors - the match was more about pride as they found themselves at the bottom of the tournament's log while UWC was placed sixth. For UWC victory meant a place in a semi-final.

In yesterday's match, UWC set out to pressure UCT goalkeeper Bevan Adonis who had been noted to be a fine

shot-stopper this season while The Warriors wanted to show UWC that they were no pushovers and were still a force to be reckoned with. UCT also wanted to take advantage of playing on its home turf. As fate would have it, the match ended in a 3-3 draw.