Xolani Koyana

IT IS not just individual residents who complain about policing in Khayelitsha – schools don’t get much joy from the service either.

One school reported seven burglaries in four years, but there had been no convictions while police failed to give feedback to the school.

This was according to two Khayelitsha school principals who gave evidence before the Khayelitsha Commission of Inquiry yesterday.

Madoda Mahlutshana, principal at Chris Hani Secondary in Makhaza, said in the last four years there had been about seven burglaries at the school.

All were reported to the Harare Police Station.

Mahlutshana said he had the “worst experience”. Telephones were not answered immediately and the police’s response time was poor. “The experience is a disappointing one because no one has been convicted, (and we) have lost so many resources,” he said.

“You would get leads and ask the police to follow through on the information, but there would be nothing.”

Mahlutshana said there had also been a lack of feedback.

“You have to follow up with them and they will tell you the matter is still under investigation,” Mahlutshana said.

He said the school worked closely with police and the community police forum in curbing gangsterism at the school.

Xolela Mjonondwana, principal at Zola Secondary, told the commission they also experienced a delayed response from police at the Site B Khayelitsha Police Station. He said police would show up hours after a burglary was reported.

There had been seven break-ins in 2012 and in one instance a beanie had been left behind.

Mjonondwana said the item was given to police in the hope that they could find DNA evidence, but investigators were not interested. “If there could be such bungling of a case in one institution, one can understand the anger the communities have.”