The bear essentials of proper punctuation

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Is proper punctuation irrelevant in this “tap it out any old how” social media era?

Call me an old-school stickler, but I think punctuation is as necessary today as it ever was.

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Wendy Knowler - Bear image

It’s as key to correctly navigating and interpreting the written word as signs and markings are on the road.

Scrap them and you get chaos and disrespect.

Which brings me to the cute, cuddly bears which greeted me in a prominent display as I entered my local CNA last weekend.

“Your special” was embroidered boldly on their tummies.

“Your special what?” I wondered for a split second, until it dawned on me that the designer had meant “You’re special”, as in “You are special”.

Has it come this this?

How did no one in that giant national organisation – part of the Edcon group – from the buyers to the distributors, to the folk in the stores, not spot the glaring mistake?

I asked Edcon’s executive manager of group services, Deven Naicker about it.

“CNA does have an internal sign-off process that they adhere to,” he said, “but in this case, to our embarrassment, an oversight occurred.

“We can confirm that the process put in place now is far more robust and an occurrence of this nature will not happen again.”

The bears have been removed and are being donated to charity.

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