The life and death of Ricardo Fritz

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  1. SNUFFED OUT: It was a high - risk life that was ended on a street corner by a bullet from an unknown gunman with an unknown motive.
  2. LEFT BEHIND: Ricardo's life was hard and short. He leaves behind his sons Ashley, 12, Ashwin, 8 and Ashton, 1, and the mother of his children Esmarelda James.
  3. ON THE ROCKS: Fritz holds a packet of the highly addictive crystal ,eyjamphetamine (tik) as he prepares the drug.
  4. PALLBEARERS: Ricardo's coffin is carried to the Ocean View cemetry by his brother Jason, left, his cousin Tasliem Koeries, and brothers Nevin and Warren.
  5. GLOOM: Ricardo's family and friends hurry through the rain, leaving a wooden cross to mark the life of one of Ocean View's residents who did not escape the life of drugs and crime.
  6. CHILLING: Deep in thought, or the let - down after the tik high? Although Ricardo was often high on tik, he always tried to put food in the table for his family.
  7. REFLECTIONS: His tattoos reflect his life, his girlfriend's name and his son's, the 28s gang he was part of in prison and his question: 'Why must I live in such a cruel world and still have to die?'
  8. RICARDO: He did drugs, he did jail time, but in some ways he looked more menacing that he really was.
  10. LIFE OF CRIME: Stars, gallows and the devil, Ricardo's tattooed leg next to the loaded gun on the floor.
  11. DRUG DEN: Ricardo chats to a man with whom he spent time in jail. They were both in the same prison gang. Guns lie around like ashtrays.