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Letter from the editor
Think Durban, think Daily News. This 131-year-old institution is one of the province's most established brands. With this high recognition factor, and by remaining relevant to its readers through the decades, it commands a trust and special loyalty from readers.

This title is by far the biggest English-language daily in KwaZulu-Natal, and its market penetration is striking when held against the average. It is a daily companion, fully aware that an afternoon title's biggest rival in the 21st century is not other titles, but time. It is warm, familiar, dependable and credible.

It hopes to surprise readers every day, with strong news and compelling features. It reaches out every day, therefore, engaging with its readers and offering a strong and well-used platform for interactivity with them. With most of its readers in the greater Durban area, the focus and profile of the Daily News is shaped by the people it serves.

The newspaper thrives on people and emotions. It seeks to relate its news through people and their experiences.

It generates talking points, also catching national and international issues that are already under discussion. And it remains highly supportive of Durban and KwaZulu-Natal's success, off and on the sports fields.

The Daily News has the proven ability to generate advertising response and boasts an attractive demographic profile, the detail of which is outlined in the following pages.

Alan Dunn
Editor, The Daily News