Ten uses for plastic wrap


* When defrosting meat in the fridge, take it out of the packaging, place on a plate and loosely cover with plastic wrap to allow some air flow.

* Line dessert moulds with plastic wrap to prevent the dessert or cake from sticking to the bottom, or for an interesting patterned effect. For a greater effect, scrunch plastic into a ball, then unfold and line the mould.

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* Cover the end of curtain rods with plastic wrap when threading lace curtains to protect the material.

* For a deep conditioning hair treatment, shampoo, condition, then wrap your hair in plastic wrap for 30 minutes to one hour.

* To prevent ice-cube trays from sticking to each other and the freezer, place a piece of plastic wrap between each ice-cube tray.

* When house-painting, wrap paint brushes and rollers in plastic wrap overnight to prevent them drying out and the bristles hardening.

* Line paint trays with plastic wrap for easy, no-mess cleaning or to prevent colour mixing when you need to change paint.

* When re-painting your bathroom, wrap taps with plastic wrap to prevent paint staining them.

* Materials like putty or your kids’ play dough will last longer if you wrap them in plastic before storing in an airtight container.

* When moving house, wrap plates, bowls and glasses in plastic wrap under the newspaper. You won’t have to re-wash them before putting them away. – Lifestyle Reporter

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