Gallery: a sequence of pictures

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  1. Jedd Kenny stands up after coming off his board and tries to dodge the oncoming skateboarders. Picture: Rodney Prynne
  2. Kenny comes into close contact with Simon Paton, who manages to swerve past him. Picture: Rodney Prynne
  3. Paton narrowly avoids Kenny. Picture: Rodney Prynne
  4. Kenny avoids colliding with Paton but he cannot evade the oncoming Dale Templeton. Kenny loses a shoe on impact. Picture: Rodney Prynne
  5. Templeton is thrown off his board, as Kenny is sent somersaulting through the air. Picture: Rodney Prynne
  6. Kenny lands awkwardly on his head as both he and Templeton fall heavily. Medical examinations showed that he suffered a broken leg, numerous broken toes and concussion. Templeton manages to cushion his fall with his left arm. Picture: Rodney Prynne
  7. A race official, Stuart Purchase, checks on Kenny as he lies clutching one of his legs. Picture: Rodney Prynne