Rhino sketches launch ‘art of business’

Durban - The creative juices flowed as Durban artist and sculptor, Andries Botha, created a billboard-size rhino artwork.

Botha was commissioned by the Regent Business School in Samora Machel Street to create artwork for their sustainable living and development goals project and exhibition which was officially launched on Tuesday.

Durban artist, Andries Botha, with the pencil sketch he has turned into a billboard-size artwork, ahead of a critical conversation on sustainable living to be held at Regent Business School, in Samora Machel Street, Durban. Picture: Gcina Ndlwane. Credit: Independent Media

At the launch, panels of his pencil sketching of rhinos in the wild were put together.

The theme, Botha said, was to engage in a critical conversation between artists and businesses to save the planet in many different ways.

The drawings have been printed on canvas which hangs in the parking lot.

Botha and Regent are meanwhile, planning for an official opening of the exhibition. Botha also has his steel rhino sculpture on display, which he intends burning in the Midlands next month for a separate project.

“This is a new way to deal with fine art resources and sustainable living goals. This is a business school that teaches people for the future.

“My interest in conservation will now allow me to talk to business people and help influence them to save the planet. This will be done in conjunction with business study modules,” Botha said.

His piece is the largest drawing in Durban and Botha encourages schools and the general public to view it. It measures 21m by 6m and took Botha 83 hours to complete.

“I sketched in pencil on panels A1 or A2 in size. I drew each section separately and took it to a graphic designer who put the pieces together on a computer to create the full image, which was printed on a canvas,” Botha said.

Professor Dhiru Soni, Regent Business School researcher, said the concept of a business school engaging in environmentally sustainable issues was their aim.

He said the school had rejuvenated the area and he hoped the precinct around them might become an educational hub.

“We have adopted the sustainable development goals. The tagline is: ‘the art of business’.

“The question of sustainability becomes a way of life. We will ensure future business leaders throughout Africa take sustainability seriously.

“If we don’t, the future of the planet and that of our children is at stake. Saving the environment must be added to the education department curriculum,” Soni said.

Mehboob Vally, Regent’s marketing manager, said they felt a synergy working with Botha. Vally said Botha was not only an artist, but an activist.

The exhibition, open from 8am to 3pm on weekdays, has sculptures and sketches relating to rhino poaching, at the business school.