Hassim Jogee gives Trish Robert a white rose.

On Saturday Muslims in Durban will be giving out white roses in an effort to dispel the negativity sometimes associated with Islam.

About 120 Muslim volunteers will be taking part in the national initiative, with 10 000 white roses to be distributed in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Initiative co-organiser Jogee said they were inspired by a similar initiative in London where Muslims handed out white roses to the people of other faiths and a little piece of paper carrying messages from Prophet Muhammad.

Jogee said a recent anti-Islam film depicting Prophet Muhammad as a violent figure and the outrage that ensued had tarnished the image of Islam. ‘This initiative plans to counter the anger of the Muslim community and alter the perceptions of the non-Muslim community and show that Muslims are a peaceful community,’ Jogee said. The organisers said they hoped it would grow and become an annual initiative. Picture: Brad Thompson