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Storm, more rain predicted in Malawi

Malawi, with more than half of its land surface currently flooded, is on high alert with weathermen forecasting heavy rain “in the coming few days”.... Read Story

IOL ND Rescue SA 1 (47812561)

SA to the rescue in Malawi

South African aid organisations on a humanitarian mission to flood-stricken Malawi have distributed food to thousands and given medical help to hundreds more. Read Story


Private school race segregation fury

Allegations that a Pretoria private school separates its pupils according to their race has outraged the public

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Action speaks louder than words

When listening to Minister of Environmental Affairs discuss tackling rhino poaching, there is little of real substance on the key issues, writ ...

SIU head: no time to lose

Advocate Vas Soni’s decision to relinquish the reins of the Special Investigating Unit after only 16 months is a setback

Crime Line appeals for information in Bedford Centre shooting
APPEAL FOR INFORMATION IN BEDFORD CENTRE SHOOTING Crime Line has made an urgent appeal to members of the public to come forward with any information that could help polic ...

Optimum Coal Mine to cut operations

More than 1000 people will be without work if some operations at Optimum Coal Mine in Mpumalanga were closed, Glencore said.