Bieber in tears after drag race arrest


He may have talked tough when the cops arrested him, but Justin Bieber was seen “crying his eyes out” after he was taken into custody on Thursday.

According to the Daily Mail, the 19-year-old pop star had appeared to make light of his sentencing for drunk driving, resisting arrest and driving without a licence while drag racing in Miami. However, after smiling while his mugshot was taken, the singer’s emotions allegedly got the better of him when he was returned to the detention centre.

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These police booking mugs made available by the Miami Dade County Corrections Department show pop star Justin Bieber on Thursday, January 23, 2014. Photo: Miami Dade County JailSinger Justin Bieber leaves the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Centre in Miami on Thursday. Bieber was released from jail on Thursday following his arrest on charges of driving under the influence, driving with an expired licence and resisting arrest. Picture: Hector Gabino, El Nuevo Herald

Outside, Bieber’s father Jeremy was in a tense mood, as he discussed the matter with attorney Roy Black.

A source told gossip site TMZ that Jeremy had a hand in his son’s situation, helping to facilitate the race by blocking off the residential street where it was held. The source futher claims that Jeremy was at the SET nightclub where his son was partying before the incident.

Bieber allegedly admitted to the officers who arrested him that he had been smoking marijuana “all day, as well as drinking beer and taking anti-depressants. He allegedly asked the arresting officers: “Why the f*** did you stop me' this morning”. The pop star also claimed that it was his mother who had supplied him with Xanax, a drug used to treat anxiety and panic disorders.

Police Chief Raymond Martinez confirmed that Bieber swore repeatedly after being stopped and kept putting his hands in his pocket.

One of the officers who arrested Bieber wrote in his report that he asked the teen to put his hands on his own vehicle.

To which Bieber replied: “What the f*** did I do, why did you stop me?”

Bieber then turned to face the cop and said: “I ain't got no f****ing weapons, why do you have to search me? What the f*** is this about?”

The star was told to put his hands on the car a second time. But when he again turned to face the officer and refused to comply, the policeman “grabbed his right hand and stated to him that he was under arrest”.

The officer then claims that Bieber started resisting and tried to pull his arm free. At that point, the officer called for back-up.

The Lamborghini Bieber was driving has been impounded. - Tonight Reporter

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