Celebrity character vlogger is ‘ready to blow up’ with fame

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Johannesburg – Thulasizwe Dambuza isn’t your usual kind of celebrity – the 18-year-old from Pimville, also known as "Babes WamaLeyvels", is a receptionist sometimes by day, a vlogger and all-round entertainer. He's also the half-brother of the Queen of Bling, Khanyi Mbau, but Dambuza says he is determined to make a name for himself in his own unique way.

A combined following of at least 150 000 across various social media platforms suggests he's on the right path.

The world first took notice in 2014 when he posted the parody video, Let’s drink Oros, on YouTube. 

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Vlogger Thulasizwe Dambuza has loads of 'personalities'. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips

As if right on cue, he breaks into one of his characters and says: “I have been jimaring (gyming) for this (referring to all the roles he plays now) and am ready to blow up." He says he's comfortable with his “Engrish” or what school kids call "broken" English.

He loves getting paid for being himself or one of his alter egos and doesn't mind if a character’s English is "broken", perhaps because that person is himself.

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