Baby Royal Reign’s Twitter debut


London - Rapper Lil' Kim has shared the first photo of her baby daughter.

The 'Lady Marmalade' hitmaker - who gave birth to her and rapper husband Peoples Hernandez's first child Royal Reign on June 9 - took to Twitter on Friday to share a cute picture of the little girl's feet.

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Lil' Kim at the MTV Video Music Awards in the Brooklyn borough of New York on August 25, 2013.The first pictures of Lil' Kim's baby Royal Reign, shared by the rapper on Twitter.

She posted the image on the social networking site, along with the caption: "Look who is stepping out today for the 4th of July. Happy Independence Day from my blessing, Royal Reign, and us!!! [sic]."

The 39-year-old rapper, known by her loyal followers as the Queen of Rap, also shared a photo of the four-week-old tot's hands and received loving messages from her fans in return, wishing her and Royal a happy independence day.

One fan, TeamPisces tweeted: "Much Love #Queen Bee #Happy4thofJuly To You And Your #Family! [sic]"

While ?QB_StreetTeam wrote: "Awwwww,cute lil tiny feet... Happy 4th QB & Royal Reign.[sic]"

Another Lil' Kim fan site added that they couldn't wait to see more photos of the baby girl.

They wrote: "@LilKim I just know she's adorable. Can't wait to see more pics.[sic]"

The 'Thug Luv' star had said she was "in heaven" over her pregnancy, after announcing the happy news in February.

On the topic of pregnancy cravings, she said: "[I'm eating] Pizza! Everyday, pizza! A lot of vegetable pizza, because before I didn't eat vegetable pizza as much, but now I'm craving the vegetables."

Kim has also had to change her notoriously outrageous wardrobe to accommodate her growing bump.

She added: "I can't wear corsets and all my favourite sexy clothes [anymore]. But it's a very beautiful thing and I'm so thrilled.

At the time, world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, 36, was rumoured to be the father of Kim’s child, as they had been dating each other until September last year. - BANG Showbiz

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