Meghan and Harry's trip to buy Xmas Tree

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Picking the perfect Christmas tree, lugging it home and decorating it together is a festive tradition many couples love.

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Meghan Markle. Picure: SuppliedPrince Harry: Picure: SuppliedSNAP: Prince Harry and  Meghan Markle. Harry often wears bracelets associated with charities, and she was snapped wearing one just recently.Picure: Supplied

While you might think Harry would have aides to do it for him, the down-to-earth prince carried it to his car himself. And he is said to have managed it with one arm, leaving his other hand free to hold his girlfriend’s.

Harry and Miss Markle, who lives in Toronto while filming for the TV series Suits, seem to be spending a lot of time together despite the distance.

Her second visit to London in recent weeks comes after the prince made a whirlwind visit to Toronto last week following an official tour of the Caribbean. Harry does not have any official engagements until next Monday.

A shopkeeper at the Pines and Needles store in Battersea Park said the pair were very tactile. Zaqia Crawford, 30, who served them on Monday evening, said they were ‘making each other laugh’, and appeared ‘just like any other couple’.

Miss Crawford added that the prince, who was wearing a beanie and jacket, donated £1 to the charity Action for Children. The couple are said to have bought a £56.96 non-drop Nordmann Fir.

Sam Lyle, who runs the company, said: ‘You could have heard a pin drop – or a needle. They were completely charming together and unaware that our jaws had hit the floor.’

Harry will remain at Kensington Palace until late next week before travelling to Sandringham to spend Christmas with the Queen. It is expected Miss Markle will visit her family in California. But the couple are believed to be planning their first holiday away together in the New Year.

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