Siblings bring mom for added family value

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As fans of entertainment, let’s not just hate for the sake of it. It is very easy to look at the celebrity featured on a magazine cover and let negative comments run through your mind. But on the other hand, there are a lot of people who fall into the celebrity bracket that should not be there. The Braxton sisters are a good example.

Yes, Toni gave us great music, but even she knows that her star has faded, so why is she still relevant? Why not join Dolly Parton, Betty White and all other relics who used to be on top of their game and have since retired?

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Instead, Toni took her four sisters – Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar – and started a reality show, Braxton Family Values. Let’s get something straight, I love Toni and her contribution to music from the 1990s. She is, after all, a Grammy Award winner. Her sisters tried the music thing (some are still trying) and it didn’t go well for them. Now, with almost no relevance factor to an audience in 2013, season two of Braxton Family Values hits our screens again. The girls are joined by their mom, Evelyn, who shows us how her kids relate to each other.

In the spirit of trying to stay relevant, Tamar started beef with Beyoncé and Joseline Hernandez on a talk show for no reason. While Beyoncé did not respond, Hernandez called out the Braxton sister and soon their verbal fight made headlines. As Hernandez was rightfully quoted, only Toni is the famous one, everyone else is still trying to crack the celebrity scene.

But in the TV business, if you get a chance to make a second season of a show, there must be a reason for it. So for the sisters to return to our screens, they are certainly doing something right.

In the first episode of the second season, we meet Evelyn and Traci as they pay Toni a visit in Los Angeles. We learn that the singer, against everyone’s wishes, has been seeing her ex. There are mixed feelings about the news, but Toni being the adamant woman she is, tells them she is in love.

The outspoken Tamar is getting some sense of clout about her and there is a bit of tension among the girls over her newly acquired fame.

Trina’s perfect world and marriage are put to the test when she has to balance her original routine with that which her new house guests bring.

Other titbits to look forward to include bankruptcy, an absent dad and a DUI, among other things. With the number of rules they break, you almost feel the family values are skewed. You could blame that on the missing father, but thanks to the headstrong mother, the girls have managed to do something with their lives.

• Braxton Family Values, 7.30pm tonight, Vuzu (DStv channel 116).

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