Mar 21 - Apr 21
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You could hit your stride very nicely just now, provided you are singular in your intention. Tackle your assignment or enterprise in a businesslike manner; then you will be quite amazed to see how successfully your endeavour pans out.


Apr 21 - May 21
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There is wisdom in that adage that instructs you to cast your bread upon the waters; especially during this significant ambit. Time will give back to you, with welcome bonuses, the good words, noble deeds and cheer that you now sow.


May 21 - Jun 22
Astro-Line: 083 9140 603
Accept conventional views and standards if you hope to communicate successfully with others. Listen carefully, express yourself clearly, do not contend but rather stay fully calm - in order to enjoy useful rapport with all and sundry.


Jun 22 - Jul 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 604
Things are likely to become quite eventful where domestic topics and the domestic side of life are concerned. If you are considering a change of residence, this is the right time to make further inquiries or to proceed with your move.


Jul 23 - Aug 24
Astro-Line: 083 9140 605
The combination of your zest for life and creative energies places you on an all-time high, so you can produce an effort or product worthy of recognition and reward. You now have the ability and power to create your own good luck.


Aug 24 - Sep 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 606
Be assured that hard work underlined with patience will be rewarded in satisfactory manner. You must establish a solid foundation in business during this fortunate session as it will definitely work to your great advantage later on.


Sep 23 - Oct 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 607
Romance and companionship largely proceed according to your desires. Emotional comfort enjoyed during this pleasant interlude is the ideal remedy for whatever ails you. You should actually have few in any grumbles concerning togetherness.


Oct 23 - Nov 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 608
Now that you have successfully overcome a tricky test, your prospects are far more encouraging. Instead of stumbling along, you can step out boldly in pursuit of your new goal. Have faith in your ability to bounce back triumphantly.


Nov 23 - Dec 22
Astro-Line: 083 9140 609
Give your urgent attention to paperwork, especially concerning correspondence and documents, because you will later be pleased to have put these matters in order. File things properly so as to have easy access to them at future times.


Dec 22 - Jan 21
Astro-Line: 083 9140 610
Your immediate progress depends greatly on how well you are able to relate to influential people. Be advised that a challenging manner will bring you nothing but failure whereas willing collaboration ought to attract immense favour.


Jan 21 - Feb 20
Astro-Line: 083 9140 611
The portents are fortunate for communication and you can come to suitable arrangements with people who can give you the benefit of their experience. Your new friendships could be instrumental in introducing you to worthy interests.


Feb 20 - Mar 21
Astro-Line: 083 9140 612
Your subconscious throws up some interesting reflections during this sometimes melancholy interval; may inspire you to contact somebody you have all but forgotten with the passage of time. The reunion ought to be mutually stimulating.