Mar 21 - Apr 21
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The dishonesty of a relative or friend could cause tension to invade the relationship. Alternatively, your good mood may be disrupted by disturbing news about someone close to you. You can expect to be thoroughly pushed or tested.


Apr 21 - May 21
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Be on your best behaviour or you might soon have someone pointing a finger at you. It appears particularly likely that your accuser or antagonist will be a touchy member of the opposite sex. You may be cited for unfair discrimination.


May 21 - Jun 22
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Perhaps you are too bound up in your own conceptions when you really must try to be less dogmatic and more accommodating of the advice of close companions. Be advised that diplomacy and co-operation are wonderful and winning attributes.


Jun 22 - Jul 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 604
Be wary of the person who cunningly attempts to drive a wedge between you and an associate. Do not hesitate to confront the culprit because you must negate the deed. The rift might not be easily repaired once the damage has been done.


Jul 23 - Aug 24
Astro-Line: 083 9140 605
Something comes to an unexpected end around about now and all that you can do is mourn its passing. It might be an arrangement by which you have benefited immensely or possibly a relationship in which you have invested strong belief.


Aug 24 - Sep 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 606
Exercise intense self-control while temptations abound. It could take just one spontaneous splurge to jeopardise your financial status. Bring your needs and wants under close scrutiny so as to determine what you can and cannot afford.


Sep 23 - Oct 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 607
Things could go wrong in relation to business matters. On no account must you allow yourself to be taken in by silver-tongued swindlers. You will be fortunate if you make notable headway in even straightforward matters at this time.


Oct 23 - Nov 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 608
Be quick to disentangle yourself from those in your midst that are keen to argue. Troublesome types may try to lay your hopes and plans to waste by harshly criticising your ideas. Try not to be provoked into quarrelling with them.


Nov 23 - Dec 22
Astro-Line: 083 9140 609
While it is nice to have wonderful dreams, you must of course wake up in order to make them come true. Lassitude constricts invention. Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. Liberate yourself from such bad afflictions.


Dec 22 - Jan 21
Astro-Line: 083 9140 610
You could find yourself acting a part and thereby behaving hypocritically but you are probably right to conceal your real feelings at this stage. You might need to study the person or the matter a bit longer before speaking your mind.


Jan 21 - Feb 20
Astro-Line: 083 9140 611
Do not do anything you do not feel up to doing. Be cautious in every possible way. Even though any setbacks experienced will only be temporary, you will be better off without the hassles. Especially be careful where money is concerned.


Feb 20 - Mar 21
Astro-Line: 083 9140 612
Assuming you have been living a lie in a certain area of your life, you should now consider coming clean, so to say. Speak up with the intention of liberating yourself from the burden. You may feel a bit sad but also quite relieved.