Mar 21 - Apr 21
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In order to have a winning manner, you must be proud and positive. Bold ideas and energetic action ought to keep you going forward. Correct positioning has its merit as well; so you must try to be in the right place at the right time.


Apr 21 - May 21
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Self-assurance is a wonderful thing but guard against being too stubborn. Try to balance confidence with flexibility if you wish to succeed. Enthusiasm and a policy of give-and-take should enable you to do well in your worldly affairs.


May 21 - Jun 22
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You are just naturally more individualistic now and eager to play the game of life by your own rules. A frank and direct manner will enable you to get away with a lot of things. Others might not oppose you very strongly at this time.


Jun 22 - Jul 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 604
Suddenly you have a better understanding of personal problems and can resolve them satisfactorily. You will be glad to escape from the pressure you are enduring. Renewed self-confidence will enable you to get back on the fast track.


Jul 23 - Aug 24
Astro-Line: 083 9140 605
You are due to be revitalised by positive influences. New incentives ought to grab your attention at this point. Conclusive action should result in a praiseworthy attainment. You must cultivate energetic interaction with top people.


Aug 24 - Sep 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 606
Things tend to go well because you currently have luck on your side. You will expend a lot of mental and physical energy yet stand to reap monetary rewards from your efforts. The important thing is to select the right aims and goals.


Sep 23 - Oct 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 607
Devote yourself to some creative thinking because you are liable to originate ideas which put you way out in front your rivals. Make your perceptions known to trusted influential acquaintances who can help you put them into operation.


Oct 23 - Nov 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 608
It now pays you to run a critical gaze over your domestic domain; with a view to installing overdue changes and improving household routines. Get those who are out of order back into line by stressing the importance of collaboration.


Nov 23 - Dec 22
Astro-Line: 083 9140 609
A round in which your ability to work conscientiously without supervision may be put to the test. So resolve to show your superiors that you can do just as well without it. Do not excuse yourself from proving you have great character.


Dec 22 - Jan 21
Astro-Line: 083 9140 610
The nature of this cycle emphasises your need to build up your health. Do not allow stresses and strains brought on by various pressures to get to you. You must take good care of yourself by getting proper nourishment and relaxation.


Jan 21 - Feb 20
Astro-Line: 083 9140 611
You should now find it convenient to enter into an informal pact with somebody who is also struggling to get ahead in the world. Much may be gained or saved by working in tandem. It might even turn out to be a dream ticket to success.


Feb 20 - Mar 21
Astro-Line: 083 9140 612
Be serious, think deeply and keep your own counsel because you are fully capable of progressing under your own steam. You have good judgement with regard to current issues; can be both the careful manager and the shrewd manipulator.