I had sex with Russell, says transsexual


Comedian Russell Brand had sex with a transsexual and referred to her as his “sexy cow”.

So claims Lauren Harries, a transsexual who is currently taking part in the UK Celebrity Big Brother contest.

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Lauren Harries is a former Celebrity Big Brother housemate.A file photo of Russell Brand.

Harries, born John Charles Harries, is a former child prodigy in the field of antiques who underwent gender reassignment in 2001. She claims she met Brand during the seventh season of Big Brother. At the time, Brand was the host of Big Brother’s big Mouth and Harries was invited onto the show as a guest.

In a blog called The Affair, Harries says that sparks flew when she and Brand met backstage. The comedian flirted with her throughout the chat show and referred to her as ”my sexy cow”. After discovering that she was staying at a nearby hotel, Brand told her “Fancy a drink?”.

Later, Harries writes: “I felt a surge of electricity. I had sex with Russell”.

Brand, who has battled sex addiction in the past, divorced pop star Katy Perry in July this year after a short-lived marriage. He has been linked to a host of celebrity women, including Courtney Love, Kate Moss and Geri Halliwell.

Harries admitted that the prospect of sex with Brand made her nervous. However, as the following tweet reveals, she was far from star-struck after his bedroom performance.

“I had sex with russell brand in one of endemol's cheap hotel's. Although Russell thinks he's Jesus - believe me girls, he's not (sic).” - IOL

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