Have a FENtastic time at Splashy


Splashy Fen has become an integral part of the South African music scene. And with only a few hours to go, here's an “all you need to know” guide for those splashy virgins. 

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The Temper Trap Will Headline #splashy2017Glamping includes 2 single mattresses, on the tent floor and a light, but be sure to carry your own bedding.

1. Splashy Fen 2017, takes place in Underberg from April 13-16. From previous experiences it's safe to say that the weather doesn't always hold up. So be sure to carry plenty of warm clothes as the mornings tend to get cold. Gumboots are a must! The last thing you want is to be covered knee deep in mud.

2. Splashy is for everyone from oupas and oumas, to merry campers, happy hippies and kids in size one gumboots, all seeking different forms of recreation. So have as much fun as you like but remember to respect the artists and their music. After all, Splashy is about the music.

3. Be prepared to rough it out. If you've booked a Splashy Harambee tent or a Splashy Teepee then you shouldn't wake up with aches and pains as you will be sleeping on proper beds. If not make sure you carry your own camping tents, equipment and air mattresses so you can retire to bed in comfort…well that's if you plan to sleep at all. Also remember that there are showers, but queues are extremely long so try get to it early. Sometimes there isn't any hot water so brace yourself or you can prepare yourself for going a few days without a splash.

4. This year's Splashy Fen has been revamped with over 200 local and international artists/musicians will perform for fans across five unique stage including a new Treehouse stage, throughout the iconic four-day festival, more than 50 food and craft stalls, morning yoga sessions, trail runs, live art and more. When you get to the venue, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the layout. This can save you time when looking for food and beer gardens among thousands of people.

5. Although security at Splashy Fen has been beefed up over the years, with this year being no different, it’s always better to keep your belongings safely and insight. Also know your rights as a guest to avoid any altercations with police.

6. Carry plenty of water, your own toilet paper and sunscreen as it does tend to get extremely hot during the days. If you are a big drinker take as much booze as you can with you because buying at the festival can be very expensive. Don't bank on the nearest town (Underberg) on having booze because they either sell out very quickly or, being Easter weekend, they are closed on the public holidays and Sunday.

7. Carry your swimsuit - the river is a great way to cool down if the sun shows up!

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