SA actor ‘exploited’ by filmmakers


Cape Town - He taught actors how to “sabella”, wrote the subtitles, recruited extras and played a role in the soon-to-be released Cape Flats gang movie Four Corners.

Now reformed 28s prison gang leader Turner Adams claims he has been ripped off and exploited by the makers of the movie after being paid just R5 000.

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Cape Town/08/01/14:Turner Adams from Lavender Hill says he has not been payed fro his role in the making of the movie For Corners. Picture:Brendan Magaar

The movie, which has been nominated the Best Foreign Film at the Oscars, will hit cinemas on February 28.

The 49-year-old, who was the Kaptein of commanders of the 28s Military Wing inside prison, aptly plays a prison general.


Turner claims agents for the movie had him teach lead actor Brendon Daniels how to sabella (speak prison gang language).

And that he recruited more than 30 extras, wrote subtitles and played the role of Uncle Charlie, the king of the 28s.

Turner, who is tattooed from his face down to his feet, went to prison at the tender age of 15 and spent nearly 20 years behind bars for housebreaking and theft.

Turner is backed by legal team, Advocate Nigel Jaftha and Mark Jaftha, who is also his agent.

“I am the king on the chessboard, I am the King of the 28s who basically gives Farrakhan a duty to fulfill,” he says.

“Brendon Daniels, I taught him to sabella right here inside my house and introduced him to gangs here as a 28.

“I also got them extras, I interviewed 36 extras for him, 16 of whom were taken.

“I just feel like they didn’t treat me right from the beginning.

“I set the tone in the beginning and gave three months assisting them with the movie.”

Turner’s agent Mark agrees and wants them to cough up and pay. “They think you are scum,” he says.

“This is an insult and whatever they make on this movie, he must get a percentage.”

Turner’s mom Shaheeda Adams, 68, also says her son was exploited.

“I feel bad because he cannot get an ordinary job and I was happy for him. They exploited him,” she says.

The Daily Voice has telephoned and sent several emails to Giant Films requesting comment, but they have not replied yet. - Daily Voice

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