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  1. The Arrangement

    Mozart In The Jungle

    The Detour

    Silicon Valley



    The Driftless Area

    Do You Believe?

    The Voice South Africa

    World Of Dance

    Little Big Shots

    The Middle

    American Housewife

    High Strung

    Last Man Standing

    Kevin Can Wait

    Man With A Plan

    Winging It

    The Voice South Africa

    Carte Blanche

    The Mechanic Resurrection

    Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

    The Wave

  2. Geleza Nathi



    Doc McStuffins

    Matt Hatter Chronicles

    YO.TV Furry Tales

    YO.TV Zenzele

    YO.TV Land

    YO.TV Land

    Gospel Gold

    Mzansi Insider

    To Be Announced

    One Mic

    Uzalo Omnibus

    Uzalo Omnibus

    Uzalo Omnibus

    Uzalo Omnibus

    Uzalo Omnibus

    Soccer Build-Up

    Laduma Live Soccer

    Nedbank Talent Search

    Friends Like These

    Xhosa/Zulu News

    Mina Nawe



    Slow Burn

    FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017

  3. Prime Time News

    Sports Live

    Your World

    It's For Life

    Words And Numbers

    Inside The Baobab Tree

    Snake Park


    Morning Live

    Derech Eretz

    Issues Of Faith

    BBC Songs Of Praise

    Life 24/7

    Die Woord

    Geure Uit Die Vallei


    Beter Assie Bure

    Soul'd Out Sessions

    Hole In The Wall Family Edition

    Life With Thami

    The Boy Who Cried Werewolf




    Sesotho/Setswana News


    It's Gospel Time

    Once Upon A Country

    Issues Of Faith

  4. Wonders Of Croatia

    A New Day


    The Smurfs

    Whip The Chef


    Isidingo: The Need Omnibus

    Music Concerts

    Top Billing


    Raja Rani


    The Big Bang Theory

    The Fast And The Furious


    The Back Story


    Republic Of Doyle

  5. Identical


    MTV Exposed

    The Planet's Funniest Animals

    The Faith Show

    Joseph Prince - New Creation Church TV

    I Am Soul Precious


    The Apostle Simon Mokoena Show


    Ground Zero


    2 Hands

    Cool Catz

    The Fairly OddParents

    G Fighters


    Flava Queens


    SWV Reunited

    Why Poverty?

    WWE Specials

    The Biggest Loser

    WWE Raw

    ENews Direct Headlines


    Omang - Who Are You

    eNews Direct

    Modern Family




00:05The ArrangementTemptation. Terence grows concerned about Kyles erratic behaviour, while DeAnn finds herself entangled in a provocative new relationship. The Emmy-winning producer of Mad Men penned this stylish drama.
00:49Mozart In The JungleCreative Solutions For Creative Lives. Rodrigo sets off to find funding for his youth orchestra but runs into a roadblock when the bank denies him a loan. Acclaimed dramedy following a group of classical musicians.
01:18The DetourThe Trip. On a rather familiar sounding road trip from New York to Florida, Robin and Nate make record time to get the kids. Bawdy family comedy from the writers of The Daily Show.
01:40Silicon ValleyTerms Of Service. Richard butts heads with Dinesh, whose new position goes to his head. Golden Globe-nominated comedy about a group of socially inept software developers in Silicon Valley.
02:10FargoSomebody To Love. In the season finale of this critically acclaimed crime anthology Emmit (Golden Globe nominee Ewan McGregor) learns a lesson about progress from Varga. Based on the original cult movie.
03:05CarolOscar winner Cate Blanchett gives a masterful performance in this period drama. In a time where women had little voice, a young photographer falls for an older woman.
05:10The Driftless AreaThe late Anton Yelchin is riveting in this crime thriller about fate and death. A young mans dragged into a dangerous situation involving a mysterious woman and a violent criminal.
07:00Do You Believe?Oscar winner Mira Sorvino and Sean Astin drive this film about faith, redemption and belief. Twelve lives, with very different stories all come together, as they follow one path.
09:00The Voice South Africa Coaches Lira, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Kahn Morbee and Karen Zoid return to their swivelling red chairs for a second season of M-Nets prestigious singing competition.
10:30World Of DanceThe Qualifiers 3. Jennifer Lopez serves as a judge and producer on this reality competition series that gives elite dancers the opportunity to compete for a life-altering grand prize.
11:30Little Big ShotsThe Grande Finale. Produced by Ellen DeGeneres and hosted by Steve Harvey, this feel-good series showcases the amazing talent, outstanding performances and quirkiest quirks of Americas little ones.
12:30The MiddleRoadkill. Frankie and Mike forget Bricks birthday again and now that hes fifteen the parents realise that its time to teach him how to drive. Emmy-nominee Patricia Heaton stars in this family comedy.
13:00American HousewifeThe Snub. Katie surprises everyone when she swallows her pride and starts emulating the perfect moms of Westport. The producer of Manhattan Love Story penned this family comedy.
13:30High StrungWorlds collide when a hip-hop crew team up with a street violinist and a classical dancer. Dreams are worth fighting for in this film filled with music, romance and dance.
15:30Last Man StandingExplorers. Mike is thrilled when he is asked to submit an artefact to a renowned museum, but things get complicated when Ed makes a confession. The Emmy-winning producer of 30 Rock backs this comedy.
16:00Kevin Can WaitKevins Good Story. Kevin (Emmy-nominee Kevin James) gets busted for using Goodys heroic cop story- to get out of forgetting his wedding anniversary. This family comedy explores the life of a retired cop.
16:30Man With A PlanUn-Dressed. When Don (Emmy-nominee Kevin Nealon) encourages Adam to clean out his cluttered garage he panics when he misplaces one of Andis treasured keepsakes. From the producers of That 70s Show.
17:00Winging It Well-loved SA celebs Janez Vermeiren and Siv Ngesi head on a tour, in this cheeky new local travel show that takes you on an adventure to some of the worlds most exotic cities.
17:30The Voice South Africa Coaches Lira, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Kahn Morbee and Karen Zoid return to their swivelling red chairs for a second season of M-Nets prestigious singing competition.
19:00Carte Blanche Carte Blanche has developed a high degree of credibility in South African television journalism and has been awarded more than 100 local and international honours.
20:05The Mechanic ResurrectionJason Statham is joined by Jessica Alba in this action-infused sequel. A master assassin must scale the globe to complete three impossible assassinations.
21:45Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Late night satirist John Oliver delivers his unique take on the weeks news, politics and current events with characteristic, unwavering humour.
22:25The WaveBased on true events, this Scandinavian disaster film sees a scenic Norwegian town come under threat of a violent tsunami, after the collapse of a mountain pass.
05:00Geleza Nathi Mzansis favourite study buddy offers quality education on core subjects as well as fun games, visits local schools and explores topical, youth-related issues.
06:00Imvelo A magazine show that focuses on African traditional practices that are done at various traditional rituals and events.
06:30Bonisanani Bonisanani is a modern talk show for the youth with a real-life drama element.
07:00Doc McStuffins A magical animated series about six-year-old Doc McStuffins who runs a doctors clinic for toys from her playhouse.
07:30Matt Hatter Chronicles When Matt and his family move to their new home, he uncovers a new dimension. Monsters and villains from movies and legends cause havoc. Matt stops them using the power of his special glasses.
08:00YO.TV Furry Tales Bathathe and Makhekhe share a wide range of stories with their friends. A well-known South African celebrity reads them a story.
08:15YO.TV Zenzele Questions frequently asked by children are answered in a fun and exciting way. Children are also exposed to craft, art, culture and traditions.
08:30YO.TV Land Animation, storytelling trees, songs, dancing, fun characters and a magical bus enrich and entertain kids.
08:45YO.TV Land Animation, storytelling trees, songs, dancing, fun characters and a magical bus enrich and entertain kids.
09:00Gospel Gold We feature some of the best local gospel music and interviews with your favourite gospel artists.
10:00Mzansi Insider Explore what South African youth read, watch and listen to in popular culture.
11:00To Be AnnouncedProgramming to be announced.
11:30One Mic One Mic aims to be a young and vibrant approach to local music entertainment delving into the dynamic lyrical ochestras of rap, hip hip, spoken word, free style and cypha genres.
12:00Uzalo Omnibus Mondli is hot on the heels of Nkunzi as the final showdown looms. Pastor Mdletshe and MaNzuza are overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. MaMlambo pays Mbhekiseni a final visit.
12:30Uzalo Omnibus MaNgcobo is beside herself as Nkunzi is taken away. Zekhethelo is offended when Nosipho calls Nkunzi a criminal. MaMlambo clears out Mbhekisenis belongings and vows she is done with men.
13:00Uzalo Omnibus Zekhethelo confronts Mxolisi about betraying her father. Nkunzi shares his plan to get out on bail with MaNgcobo. Thobile is pleasantly surprised when Mastermind fetches her, but not so much when he kisses her.
13:30Uzalo Omnibus Thobile ponders getting back with Mastermind. MaNzuza worries Nkunzi might get bail, but MaNgcobo tells Nkunzi he will rot in jail. MaNgcobo chases Zekhethelo out her house. Mondli and Qhabanga almost come to blows.
14:00Uzalo Omnibus Nkunzi tries to beg MaNgcobo to let Zekhethelo stay with her, but she refuses. Mxolisi wants to make things right with Zekhethelo, but MaNgcobo warns him to leave the girl alone, because she could be dangerous.
14:30Soccer Build-UpA panel of experts discusses, analyses and updates viewers on the match to follow.
15:00Laduma Live SoccerTo be supplied.
17:30Nedbank Talent Search The Nedbank Ke Yona Team concept stems from the Nedbank Cups slogan Ke Yona denoting the one and revolves around the hunt for amateur soccer talent on the streets of South Africa.
18:00Friends Like These Friendships are tested to the limit as two teams of friends fight it out for the chance to win a dream holiday.
19:00Xhosa/Zulu NewsDaily news reports on local and international events in Xhosa and Zulu.
19:30Mina Nawe A 29-year-old single woman whose sole mission is to marry the man of her dreams after being separated with her high school sweetheart.
20:00Shuga We follow the lives and love of a group of young students whose bright lives and fabulous futures are balanced on a knife edge due to their love of risk and some bad choices.
20:30Zaziwa Get to know your favourite celebrities through the music that has helped shape their lives.
21:00Slow BurnA district attorney is involved in a 24-hour showdown with a gang leader and is, at the same time, being manipulated by an attractive assistant district attorney and a cryptic stranger.
23:00FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017To be supplied.
00:00Prime Time NewsPrime-time news that includes sports, business and weather news.
02:30Sports LiveA live round-up of the days sports news with live crossings and studio guests.
03:00Your WorldA look at news making headlines across the world.
05:00It's For Life Three chosen candidates life skills are developed so that they can realise their social, personal and professional potential in the diverse and challenging context of South Africa.
05:30Words And Numbers Denver Vraagom puts contestants through their paces as they battle it out in a series of word and number games.
06:00Inside The Baobab TreeSpring. Enter a world of endless possibilities, the enchanting home of Mandisa and Baby Bab, the bush baby. Every day is a magical adventure filled with intriguing and inspirational fun.
06:30Snake ParkOp Gets A New Sunrise. Set on the Durban beachfront, explore the notion of fatherhood in a contemporary urban setting. Anchored around two characters from different worlds, whose lives intertwine with explosive consequences.
06:57Motheo A morning prayer to start off your day.
07:00Morning LiveJoin us as we keep the nation informed about breaking news and national issues affecting ordinary South Africans.
08:30Derech Eretz A philosophy of Orthodox Judaism articulated by Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, which formalises a relationship between traditionally observant Judaism and the modern world.
09:00Issues Of FaithWe reflect on various issues that confront South Africas religious communities.
10:00BBC Songs Of PraiseSurprising Sheffield. Aled visits Sheffield, where he meets Britains oldest married couple and experiences life as a magicians apprentice. There are also hymns from St Oswalds Church.
10:30Life 24/7 We explore various Christian lifestyle issues. We include personal testimonies, gospel music reviews, and we profile people and organisations that embrace biblical values and contribute positively to peoples lives.
11:00Die WoordA community of people that desire to grow together in God through sermons, worship, daily devotions encouraging each other to let their lives reflect the rhythms of Jesus.
11:30Geure Uit Die Vallei Enjoy a culinary feast where Chris shares not only recipes but also scenery from and around his iconic home village, Franschhoek.
12:0050/50 A conservation and environmental magazine programme that covers a variety of topical and serious environmental issues.
13:00Beter Assie Bure Chef Chris Smith exchanges the lifestyle and career of an executive chef for that of a rural cook with a quiet and carefree existence, in the heart of South Africas food and wine capital of the magnificent Franschoek Valley.
14:00Soul'd Out SessionsMusa. Every week one artist treats us to soulful music. The music will be composed and arranged specifically for the show, as they tell a story through a musical journey in different spaces around South Africa.
15:00Hole In The Wall Family EditionContestants are challenged to fit through the odd holes of an approaching wall for prize money.
15:30Life With Thami An exploration of all things that form the fabric of our lives. Encouraging viewers to live and create the life that they were born to live.
16:00The Boy Who Cried WerewolfA Californian family inherits a castle in Romania. This is especially exciting for the son, who is obsessed with monsters.
18:00FokusLynette Francis creates a forum for ideas, debate and in-depth reports on issues affecting people from all walks of life.
18:30Nuus Daily actuality news reports from around the world and locally in Afrikaans.
19:0050/50 A conservation and environmental magazine programme that covers a variety of topical and serious environmental issues.
20:00Sesotho/Setswana NewsDaily news reports from around the world and locally in Sotho or Setswana.
20:30SkwizasBakey Crazy Sexxy. Follow the lives of five women in their golden years as they negotiate the ups and downs of pensions, lost careers and late-life romance.
21:00It's Gospel TimeA showcase of South African gospel music, stars, and upcoming gospel talent.
22:00Once Upon A CountryWe commemorate South Africas National Holidays, 60th Anniversary of the Womens March, 1976, June 16 and Reconciliation Day.
23:00Issues Of FaithWe reflect on various issues that confront South Africas religious communities.
05:00Wonders Of CroatiaSABC 3 brings you the best in general entertainment.
06:00A New DayS1. Rev Ray McCauley delivers messages and parables from the Bible that assist humanity to lead better lives.
07:00Sadhana We explore the vibrancy and colour of Hinduism in South Africa and also travel to exotic destinations abroad to showcase the vastness of the Hindu faith.
07:30The SmurfsThe Memory Melon. A magic portal transports the little blue people to Manhattan, where they must find a way back to their village before evil wizard Gargamel can find them.
08:00Whip The ChefS1. Using a mobile kitchen, we travel the country in search of great locations to bring children from different backgrounds to share and learn how to create healthy and tasty South African dishes.
08:30Violetta Violetta is a very talented teenager who returns to her hometown where she finds love and discovers her vocation for music.
09:30Isidingo: The Need OmnibusExplore the lives of the inhabitants of Horizon Deep and their wealthier counterparts at ONTV! - a television station that moved from Johannesburg to The Deep.
12:00Music ConcertsSABC 3 brings you the best in general entertainment.
13:00Top Billing We focus on people and places in South Africa and around the world. It looks at the latest movie releases and features interviews with well-known groups and singers.
14:00Mela We discover the style, flavours, colours and beats of the East, while meeting personalities with fascinating outlooks on everything from business start-ups to leading a life that avoids the traps of the rat race.
15:00Raja RaniNewlyweds who hate each other come to terms with each other and their past.
18:00News A general bulletin featuring both national and international news.
18:30The Big Bang TheoryThe Re-Entry Minimization. When Howard returns from space, he doesnt get the heros welcome he expected. Game Night turns into a battle of the sexes.
19:00The Fast And The FuriousVin Diesel and the late Paul Walker team up for the first instalment of the popular franchise, which sees a cop go undercover to infiltrate a racing crew.
21:00Network We review new mobile phones and gadgets. Network also discusses how the fourth industrial revolution affects the African continent and what leaders in the digital space in Africa are dealing with the new changes.
21:30The Back StoryS1. Meet South African fashion designer, saying you dont have to conform to the norms. Gert-Johan Coetzee is one of the designers who have Left an indelible mark on the industry.
22:30Forever6 A.M.. Dark fantasy starring Ioan Gruffudd as a medical examiner who attempts to uncover the secret behind his immortality. Detective Martinez and Henry investigate the death of a former convict.
23:30Republic Of DoyleS3 - The Tell-Tale Safe. Jake Doyle and his father Malachy run a private investigations agency in St Johns, Newfoundland. Their cases involve them in all sorts of dealings - not all of them on the right side of the law.
00:45IdenticalIdentical twins Rich and Mark Washington both fall in love with the same beautiful woman, and find themselves on a psychological collision course.
02:25InSightWhile tending to a stabbing victim, Kaitlyn is electrocuted and awakens to find that she is experiencing the memories of the now-deceased woman.
04:05MTV ExposedGiovanni. People choose dates based on lie detector results.
04:35The Planet's Funniest Animals Humorous video clips of pets and other animals in unusual situations.
05:00The Faith Show The best in South African entertainment.
05:30Joseph Prince - New Creation Church TVGolgotha-Gods Love Revealed. Jesus resurrection gives one victory over fearfulness, faithlessness, and fruitlessness. Learn how.
06:00I Am Soul Precious Religious programme.
06:25e-InsertTake a look at entertaining and informative stories for your enjoyment.
06:30The Apostle Simon Mokoena Show Watch Apostle Simon Mokoenas brand new show power-packed with prophetic sermons, accurate prophecies and supernatural testimonies. Reaching People and Reviving Lives.
07:00GrassrootsGet back to the basics of Christianity with South African farmer turned evangelist and author of Faith Like Potatoes.
07:25Ground ZeroFor many, social, political and economic issues can seem insurmountable. Facing the future requires more than faith, and taking action can help rebuild society and change ones life.
07:35HillsongHillsong Television is a half-hour Christian television programme featuring teaching with Pastor Brian Houston.
08:002 HandsApple / Pacifier / Monkey. An educational interactive series in which each episode presents a riddle for young viewers to solve. They solve the riddle in order to identify the three mystery objects the gift box.
08:05Cool Catz Meet the 4 coolest Cats in town, Catnap, Wildcat, Smartycat and Kittycat. They all hang out in the Cool Catz Clubhouse. Join them on their magical journey as they sing, make items, and have loads of fun!
08:30The Fairly OddParentsFood Fight, Please Dont Feed the Turners. Timmy wishes Mum were the best chef in the world. Will his wish come true? The Turners win a contest to be the first family in space, or do they?
09:00G Fighters Lynn brings a Bolt Cat home and discovers that they can merge into a cat boy speedy superhero. Lynn joins forces with other kids just like him and they take the noble vow to save the city from the alien villains.
09:30ShizLive Each week both new comers and established hip hop artists are in the studio. Local and international hip hop news and reviews are featured weekly.
10:00Flava Queens Six contestants must prepare a traditional meal with a gourmet twist. Eliminations take place weekly and one Queen will be named the ultimate Flava Queen.
10:25Backchat Exploring the real issues driving, motivating and worrying the youth - tomorrows leaders and decision makers.
11:00SWV ReunitedS1 - No Backup. LeLee fights to be heard when Taj and Coko reject her ideas, but its the last straw when they refuse to see her point of view about management.
12:00Why Poverty?Land Rush. Land-hungry nations want to lease Malis arable land, but farmers see it as imperialism. Can Malis farmers combat food shortages and escape poverty on their own?
13:00WWE SpecialsMoney In The Bank. Find out why SmackDown Live is the Land of Opportunity as all your favourite WWE Superstars compete to earn the Money in the Bank contract, and cash in on a chance at the WWE Championship.
16:00The Biggest LoserPenalty Box. The former athletes face challenges and weigh-ins, hoping to avoid Comeback Canyon as they vie for the title of Biggest Loser.
17:00WWE Raw The stars of professional wrestling square off in the ring and behind the scenes. The huge muscles are matched by the oversized personalities and melodramatic personal and professional feuds.
18:00ENews Direct Headlines Duduzile Ramela, Sandile Nquose and the world-class eNews team bring you the days essential news, sports and business updates from across South Africa and around the world.
18:05Mahadi-LobolaAt First Sight. Deep down in Soweto we meet two Xhosa families united by the second round of negotiations.
18:30Omang - Who Are YouShangaan Relationship With Animals. Follow a Shangaan ranger to learn about the villages interaction with domestic and wild animals.
19:00eNews Direct Covering the main stories of the day on general issues, economy, sports, entertainment and weather. The delivery of news is crisp, fast-paced, forthright and engaging.
19:30Modern FamilyThe Big Guns. All-out war is declared when Claire confronts the next door neighbours about their eyesore of a boat. Plus, Cam takes Lily to clown school.
20:00HerculesNow a traveling mercenary, Hercules must once again become a hero to help the benevolent king of Thrace protect his people from a savage warlord.
22:00CalvaryAn honest and good-hearted priest wrestles with a cynical and spiteful community after he receives a death threat from an unknown parishioner.