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  1. Riverdale


    The Detour

    Full Circle Miami

    Too Young to Die?


    Home Invasion

    The Nut Job

    The Voice South Africa

    Celebrity Apprentice: Schwarzenegger

    Little Big Shots

    Better Late Than Never


    The 101

    The Big Bang Theory

    Modern Family

    Winging It

    The Voice South Africa

    Carte Blanche

    The Magnificent Seven

    Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

    Marie Curie: The Courage Of Knowledge

  2. Koze Kuse

    Geleza Nathi

    Siyakholwa - We Believe





    YO.TV Furry Tales

    YO.TV Zenzele

    YO.TV Land

    YO.TV Land

    Gospel Gold

    Mzansi Insider



    Uzalo Omnibus

    Uzalo Omnibus

    Uzalo Omnibus

    Uzalo Omnibus

    Uzalo Omnibus

    Soccer Build-Up

    Laduma Live Soccer

    Kulcha Kwest

    Friends Like These

    Xhosa/Zulu News




    Keeping The Faith: Momma's Got A...


  3. Prime Time News

    Sports Live

    Your World

    It's For Life

    Breaking New Ground

    Inside The Baobab Tree

    Snake Park


    Morning Live

    Derech Eretz

    Issues Of Faith

    BBC Songs Of Praise

    Life 24/7

    Die Woord Erediens

    Geure Uit Die Vallei

    The Cheetah Diaries

    The Cheetah Diaries

    Beter Assie Bure

    Soul'd Out Sessions

    Hole In The Wall Family Edition

    Life With Thami

    To Be Announced



    The Cheetah Diaries

    The Cheetah Diaries

    Sesotho/Setswana News


    Gospel Classics

    Making Cents

    Issues Of Faith

  4. Wonders Of Slovenia

    A New Day



    Isidingo: The Need Omnibus

    Gregory Porter: Live In Berlin

    Top Billing




    The Game

    A Guy Thing


    The Back Story


    Republic Of Doyle

  5. Harrison Montgomery

    You Better Watch Out


    Afro Musica

    Joseph Prince - New Creation Church TV

    I Am Soul Precious


    The Apostle Simon Mokoena Show


    Ground Zero


    2 Hands

    Cool Catz

    The Fairly OddParents

    G Fighters


    Behind The Gospel

    Mary Mary

    Wiener Dog Nationals


    The Ultimate Braai Master

    WWE Raw

    ENews Direct Headlines



    eNews Direct

    Modern Family

    The Dark Knight Rises

    Shortcut To Happiness


00:20RiverdaleThe Lost Weekend. Archie plans a romantic surprise, but things get out of control when Betty intervenes to throw Jughead a surprise birthday party. Emmy-winner Greg Berlanti produces this subversive teen drama.
01:20GirlsLatching. In the series finale of this critically acclaimed, Emmy-winning dramedy, Hannah (Golden Globe-winner Lena Dunham) embarks on a new chapter.
01:50The DetourThe City. The second season premiere of this bawdy comedy sees the Parker family head off to New York, a trip that naturally ends up being way harder than it should be. The Daily Shows Jason Jones stars.
02:20Full Circle MiamiHouserman And DAndres. Compelling crime drama from the writer of Homicide: Life On The Street. Stark grills DAndrea on the details of the night in question.
02:45Too Young to Die?Philip Seymour Hoffman. The sad and sudden passing of acclaimed actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is studied in this documentary, which examines the untimely death of influential celebrities.
03:40GoosebumpsBased on the childrens stories, this adventure follows a teenager who teams up with horror author, R.L. Stine, to save his town from monsters that are set free from the books.
05:25Home InvasionA thriller filled with tension and danger. A woman is forced to fight for her survival when a trio of professional thieves break into her mansion.
07:00The Nut JobA hilarious family adventure about a mischievous squirrel. Surly must raid a towns nut shop after he accidentally destroys the winter supplies of his fellow park residents.
09:00The Voice South Africa Tensions intensify on M-Nets SAFTA winning reality singing competition, with more Steals than ever before. This week, there are blistering Battle sing-offs from Amanda Faku, Craig Lucas and Dawie de Jager.
10:30Celebrity Apprentice: SchwarzeneggerIm Going Full Ballmer. With Arnold Schwarzenegger as the new boss, the Emmy-nominated reality business series pits a host of celebs against each other in a season of heated competition.
11:30Little Big ShotsThe Princess And The Hot Dog. Produced by Ellen DeGeneres and hosted by Steve Harvey, this feel-good series showcases the amazing talent, outstanding performances and quirkiest quirks of Americas little ones.
12:30Better Late Than NeverSeoul Brothers. Senior celebrities Henry Winkler, William Shatner, Terry Bradshaw and George Foreman attempt to re-discover their youth in South Korea, in this episode of the unique travel doccie.
13:30PixelsRemember 80s arcade games like Space Invaders? When intergalactic aliens misinterpret them as a declaration of war, Adam Sandler and friends must step in to save the world.
15:30The 101 Stay in the loop on and on top of the magic as we keep you updated on all things M-Net, in this fun-filled show.
16:00The Big Bang TheoryThe Separation Agitation. Its back to work for Bernadette in this episode of the Golden Globe-winning sitcom, but she and Howard have a tough time leaving little Halley at day care for the first time.
16:30Modern FamilyFinding Fizbo. Theres a clown on the loose in another instalment of the Golden Globe winning comedy. Cam is enraged when he discovers that someone is desecrating his beloved Fizbo costume.
17:00Winging It Well-loved SA celebs Janez Vermeiren and Siv Ngesi head on a tour, in this cheeky new local travel show that takes you on an adventure to some of the worlds most exotic cities.
17:30The Voice South Africa Coaches Lira, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Kahn Morbee and Karen Zoid return to their swivelling red chairs for a second season of M-Nets prestigious singing competition.
19:00Carte Blanche Carte Blanche has developed a high degree of credibility in South African television journalism and has been awarded more than 100 local and international honours.
20:05The Magnificent SevenAntoine Fuqua directs Denzel Washington and an all-star cast in this remake of an iconic western. A seven gunmen band together to protect a town from a vicious gang of thieves.
22:15Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Late night satirist John Oliver delivers his unique take on the weeks news, politics and current events with characteristic, unwavering humour.
22:45Marie Curie: The Courage Of KnowledgeThis sweeping biographical drama explores the evocative life of the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, physicist and chemist, Marie Curie.
00:00Koze Kuse A Top 10 countdown where DJs from the countrys biggest radio stations share their Top 10 music videos.
05:00Geleza Nathi Mzansis favourite study buddy offers quality education on core subjects as well as fun games, visits local schools and explores topical, youth-related issues.
06:00Siyakholwa - We Believe Cultural and religious education for children through puppet shows and live action.
06:30Bonisanani Bonisanani is a modern talk show for the youth with a real-life drama element.
07:00Chuggington We follow the adventures of Wilson, Brewster and Koko, trainee engines that are learning how to become proper trains.
07:15Chuggington We follow the adventures of Wilson, Brewster and Koko, trainee engines that are learning how to become proper trains.
07:30Dinofroz The adventures of Tom, a 12-year-old boy and his friends who, after playing a board game, are teleported to a world where they can transform into dinosaurs using stones called Rockfroz.
08:00YO.TV Furry Tales Bathathe and Makhekhe share a wide range of stories with their friends. A well-known South African celebrity reads them a story.
08:15YO.TV Zenzele Questions frequently asked by children are answered in a fun and exciting way. Children are also exposed to craft, art, culture and traditions.
08:30YO.TV Land Animation, storytelling trees, songs, dancing, fun characters and a magical bus enrich and entertain kids.
08:45YO.TV Land Animation, storytelling trees, songs, dancing, fun characters and a magical bus enrich and entertain kids.
09:00Gospel Gold We feature some of the best local gospel music and interviews with your favourite gospel artists.
10:00Mzansi Insider Explore what South African youth read, watch and listen to in popular culture.
11:00Mokapelo A love makeover show for women seeking long-lasting relationships. Follow them as they explore their preferences and make hard decisions to prepare them for the lifelong commitment.
11:30Tastemakers A magazine show that profiles young creatives across four hot spot cities, i.e. Paris, Berlin, Cape Town and Johannesburg.
12:00Uzalo Omnibus Mastermind is desperate to find his sister, he enlists Mxolisis help. Smangele calls Thobile to borrow some cash, a sting is set up to arrest her. Mondli is ready to arrest Smangele. Innocentia is angry with Magwaza.
12:30Uzalo Omnibus Smangele is a woman on the run, but complications arise. Amos enjoys the rewards of having Nosipho as his call girl. Mondli is frustrated with Mastermind for ruining their plans.
13:00Uzalo Omnibus Innocentia tries to organise a special trip with her and MaNgcobo, a trip that could be MaNgcobos last. Mondli and Captain Mthimkhulu get closer to finding Smangele.
13:30Uzalo Omnibus The nets close in on three different women who are all walking their separate journeys, in events that will leave many loved ones devastated. The search for Smangele intensifies and reaches an abrupt end.
14:00Uzalo Omnibus Buhle and Ngangezwe rush to the hospital to see Nkosinathi. MaNgcobo shrugs off MaMlambos dark visions about her. Mastermind saves Smangele from drowning only for Mondli to arrest her.
14:30Soccer Build-UpA panel of experts discusses, analyses and updates viewers on the match to follow.
15:00Laduma Live SoccerTo be supplied.
17:30Kulcha Kwest Follow the emotional journeys of young people who try to understand and engage with their culture.
18:00Friends Like These Friendships are tested to the limit as two teams of friends fight it out for the chance to win a dream holiday.
19:00Xhosa/Zulu NewsDaily news reports on local and international events in Xhosa and Zulu.
19:30Ingozi Ingozi is the story of how one eventful night on the road, tears the lives of three different families, from three different backgrounds apart.
20:00Ngempela Uncover Mzansi stories ripped from the headlines of tabloids. Stories range from romance and unrequited love to raw ambition, back-stabbing, dishonesty and intrigue.
20:30Zaziwa Get to know your favourite celebrities through the music that has helped shape their lives.
21:00Keeping The Faith: Momma's Got A...Keeping The Faith: Mommas Got A Boyfriend. In this heartfelt comedy about family and relationships, a young woman struggles to get used to her mother dating a much younger man.
23:00TBAChannel did not supply programme information.
00:00Prime Time News Prime-time news that includes sports, business and weather news.
02:30Sports Live A live round-up of the days sports news with live crossings and studio guests.
03:00Your World A look at news making headlines across the world.
05:00It's For Life Three chosen candidates life skills are developed so that they can realise their social, personal and professional potential in the diverse and challenging context of South Africa.
05:30Breaking New GroundWe aim to develop the emerging farmer by addressing questions about land reform and farming.
06:00Inside The Baobab Tree Enter a world of endless possibilities, the enchanting home of Mandisa and Baby Bab, the bush baby. Every day is a magical adventure filled with intriguing and inspirational fun.
06:30Snake Park Set on the Durban beachfront, explore the notion of fatherhood in a contemporary urban setting. Anchored around two characters from different worlds, whose lives intertwine with explosive consequences.
06:57MotheoS18. A morning prayer to start off your day.
07:00Morning Live Join us as we keep the nation informed about breaking news and national issues affecting ordinary South Africans.
08:30Derech Eretz A philosophy of Orthodox Judaism articulated by Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, which formalises a relationship between traditionally observant Judaism and the modern world.
09:00Issues Of FaithWe reflect on various issues that confront South Africas religious communities.
10:00BBC Songs Of PraisePeterborough - Around The World 1. Inspiring hymns and songs, together with stories of faith from around the world.
10:30Life 24/7 We explore various Christian lifestyle issues. We include personal testimonies, gospel music reviews, and we profile people and organisations that embrace biblical values and contribute positively to peoples lives.
11:00Die Woord Erediens A community of people grows together in God through sermons, worship, daily devotions and encouraging each other to let their lives reflect Jesuss teachings.
11:30Geure Uit Die Vallei Enjoy a culinary feast where Chris shares not only recipes but also scenery from and around his iconic home village, Franschhoek.
12:00The Cheetah DiariesS1. The Cheetah Diaries is an incredible profile of the work done by an extraordinary team of women, cheetahs and dogs. Their methods are modern, controversial and are constantly coming under fire from detractors.
12:30The Cheetah DiariesS1. The Cheetah Diaries is an incredible profile of the work done by an extraordinary team of women, cheetahs and dogs. Their methods are modern, controversial and are constantly coming under fire from detractors.
13:00Beter Assie Bure Chef Chris Smith exchanges the lifestyle and career of an executive chef for that of a rural cook with a quiet and carefree existence, in the heart of South Africas food and wine capital of the magnificent Franschoek Valley.
14:00Soul'd Out SessionsTribute Birdie. Every week one artist treats us to soulful music. The music will be composed and arranged specifically for the show, as they tell a story through a musical journey in different spaces around South Africa.
15:00Hole In The Wall Family Edition Contestants are challenged to fit through the odd holes of an approaching wall for prize money.
15:30Life With ThamiAn exploration of all things that form the fabric of our lives. Encouraging viewers to live and create the life that they were born to live.
16:00To Be AnnouncedNo Further Information Available.
18:00Fokus Lynette Francis creates a forum for ideas, debate and in-depth reports on issues affecting people from all walks of life.
18:30Nuus Daily actuality news reports from around the world and locally in Afrikaans.
19:00The Cheetah DiariesS1. The Cheetah Diaries is an incredible profile of the work done by an extraordinary team of women, cheetahs and dogs. Their methods are modern, controversial and are constantly coming under fire from detractors.
19:30The Cheetah DiariesS1. The Cheetah Diaries is an incredible profile of the work done by an extraordinary team of women, cheetahs and dogs. Their methods are modern, controversial and are constantly coming under fire from detractors.
20:00Sesotho/Setswana News Daily news reports from around the world and locally in Sotho or Setswana.
20:30SkwizasMommies Boy. Follow the lives of five women in their golden years as they negotiate the ups and downs of pensions, lost careers and late-life romance.
21:00Gospel Classics We take viewers down memory lane, showcasing some of the best classic gospel hits.
22:00Making Cents From vast poverty, to the wealthy living opulent lifestyles, South Africa is a country with deep-seated inequalities that still affect us today.
23:00Issues Of FaithWe reflect on various issues that confront South Africas religious communities.
05:00Wonders Of SloveniaStill perceived as an undiscovered European gem, Slovenia boasts 46 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline, glittering alpine lakes, gorgeous vineyards, intricate cave systems and an abundance of fairytale castles.
06:00A New DayS1. Rev Ray McCauley delivers messages and parables from the Bible that assist humanity to lead better lives.
07:00Sadhana We explore the vibrancy and colour of Hinduism in South Africa and also travel to exotic destinations abroad to showcase the vastness of the Hindu faith. Young foodies compete to win the weekly prize and the title of Yum.Me Champion.
08:30Violetta Violetta ran away when Tomas tried to kiss her so he thinks she doesnt like him, but she explains she was scared as it was her first kiss. They decide to have a date with no pressure.
09:30Isidingo: The Need Omnibus Explore the lives of the inhabitants of Horizon Deep and their wealthier counterparts at ONTV! - a television station that moved from Johannesburg to The Deep.
12:00Gregory Porter: Live In BerlinSABC 3 brings you the best in general entertainment.
13:00Top Billing We focus on people and places in South Africa and around the world. It looks at the latest movie releases and features interviews with well-known groups and singers.
14:00MelaS36. We discover the style, flavours, colours and beats of the East, while meeting personalities with fascinating outlooks on everything from business start-ups to leading a life that avoids the traps of the rat race.
15:00CocktailThe line between friendship and love is blurred in this amazing Bollywood romantic comedy. A love triangle develops between a man and two best friends who are complete opposites.
18:00News A general bulletin featuring both national and international news.
18:30The GameTia Mowry stars as a bright young woman who passes on a chance to attend a prestigious medical school to be with her boyfriend after he is drafted into a major football league.
19:00A Guy ThingJason Lee plays a good guy. When his friends throw him a bachelor party, he wants to keep his conscience clean, which is why hes shocked when he wakes up in bed with a beautiful girl.
21:00NetworkWe review new mobile phones and gadgets. Network also discusses how the fourth industrial revolution affects the African continent and what leaders in the digital space in Africa are dealing with the new changes.
21:30The Back StoryA rare access journey into the multi-layered and fast paced lifestyles of celebrated individuals. Packaged inside a documentary format, the series narrates the story of each characters rise to the echelons of their industry.
22:30Humans A highly-developed robotic servant, thats so similar to a real human, is transforming the way we live.
23:30Republic Of DoyleS3. Jake Doyle and his father Malachy run a private investigations agency in St Johns, Newfoundland. Their cases involve them in all sorts of dealings - not all of them on the right side of the law.
01:20Harrison MontgomeryA petty criminal in debt must choose between saving himself and saving his friends after learning that his closest neighbour has millions of dollars.
03:10You Better Watch OutA psycho in a Santa suit gets to decide whos been naughty and whos been nice.
04:55e-InsertWe deliver entertaining and informative stories for your enjoyment.
05:00Afro Musica We showcase Africas most popular musical videos, bands and musicians.
05:30Joseph Prince - New Creation Church TVSecret Of David - A Man After Gods Heart. Learn how God can turn your disappointments around and give you a life of satisfaction and abundance.
06:00I Am Soul Precious Regardless of how you feel today, your soul is precious. Its value is eternal. No matter what you are facing right now, there is a solution. You are never alone.
06:25e-InsertWe deliver entertaining and informative stories for your enjoyment.
06:30The Apostle Simon Mokoena Show We provide content that is entertaining, spiritual, educational, upholds moral regeneration, empowerment and promotes pro-social behaviour to all.
07:00GrassrootsOpen Air Preaching. A movement that establishes a community of Christians, a movement that helps, you, the individual to express yourself and to experience the power of Jesus Christ in your life.
07:25Ground ZeroFor many, social, political and economic issues can seem insurmountable. Facing the future requires more than faith, and taking action can help rebuild society and change ones life.
07:35HillsongYou Are The One: Gods Hand Is No You. Teachings by Pastor Brian Houston from the Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. Pastor Brians messages are empowering and practical for everyday life.
08:002 HandsBag/Owl/Sun. Young viewers must solve the riddle in order to identify the three mystery objects in the gift box.
08:05Cool Catz A funky, fun studio-based show starring four of the coolest cats in town - Catnap, Wildcat, Smartycat and Kitty Kat. Cool Catz embraces the energetic and imaginative world of the pre-school audience.
08:30The Fairly OddParentsDadbracadabra/Timmy Turnip. Convinced that Timmys dad is a fairy, Crocker is out to prove it and uncover his magical secret on national television. Timmy meets his grandparents and quickly wishes they never came to America.
09:00G Fighters Lynn brings a Bolt Cat home and discovers that they can merge into a cat-boy speedy superhero. Lynn joins forces with kids just like him and takes the noble vow to save the city from the alien villains.
09:30ShizLive ShizLive is a studio-based hip-hop show that comprises various hip-hop elements. Rather than being a play-off or a competition between two groups of hip hoppers, the show is a platform for self-expression.
10:00Behind The GospelDominion. Gospel group Dominion is a modern-day symbol of how the body of Christ should look. The lesson that Dominion shares with us is how they have allowed God to use them for His glory as a united front.
11:00Mary MaryTragedy Strikes. Mary Marys Australian tour threatens to interfere with Tina and Teddys reconciliation. Tina and Ericas father passes away. Ericas vocal injury threatens her performance at Essence.
12:00Wiener Dog NationalsWiener dog lovers will adore this feast of cuteness. The runt of a litter is entered into the nations greatest Wiener dog race, where there can only be one winner.
13:40DrumlineA gifted drummer from the wrong side of the tracks is recruited to a top American university, but can he survive Big Band Boot Camp?
16:00The Ultimate Braai MasterChefs Table. Four teams remain, with only two spots left in the final. Competing for that second spot around Justins fire in the final, teams must prepare a chefs table consisting of three courses for five judges.
17:00WWE Raw An action-packed live show featuring superstars of WWE who showcase entertaining matches with storylines that will get you hooked forever.
18:00ENews Direct Headlines Catch todays highlights and stories leading up to eNews Direct.
18:05Mahadi-LobolaA Wrong Made Right. Vat n sit is now an acceptable lifestyle in many communities, not to say that the elders agree with it. Gatsha must account for impregnating Lungiswa and living with her without the elders blessings.
18:30Isiko Isiko showcases the diverse cultures of South Africans rich culture and heritage, through a marathon of interviews, music, arts and profiling indigenous heritage sights.
19:00eNews Direct Robust, contextually relevant news content in an unbiased manner, covering main stories of the day on general issues, the economy, sports, entertainment and weather.
19:30Modern FamilyThe Cold. It seems that Mitch caught a cold on his honeymoon and its been working its way through the family. Phil is editing Mitch and Cams wedding video, he discovers the identity of patient zero.
20:00The Dark Knight RisesChristopher Nolan and Christian Bale, return for the final, heart-stopping installment of the hit franchise. Batman is up against it as he takes on his deadliest foe yet.
23:25Shortcut To HappinessA down-and-out writer sells his soul to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune.