Strictly Come Dancing - Step By Step


PHEW, it was another competitive week on the dance floor for the celebs. There were many flips, faults and much fabulousness, too.

Before I comment on the highlights, I just have to say that Michael Wentink needs to rethink that leather jacket and bow tie look. It really didn’t him any favours. Sorry!

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LETS RUMBA: While professional motorbike racer Janine Davies was voted out in Saturday nights result show of Strictly Come Dancing.Socialite and talk show host Khanyi Mbau set the dance floor on fire on Friday night.

The other nagging thing is Tebogo Kgobokoe’s scoring which fails to draw a parallel with her comments. And that faux pas with Donovan Goliath’s scoring, when he yelled “five” but displayed a four was rather awkward. Of course, it was not as embarrassing as Boity Thulo falling during her routine.

Last week, I commented on Jonathan Boynton-Lee talking big, but not delivering. This week, he delivered with aplomb. A vast improvement and he has unleashed that cut-throat edge.


Wentink already noted that Khanyi Mbau and her partner Quintus Jansen are going to be a problem in this competition.

On Friday night, she confirmed it with her rumba to Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire. And, boy, oh boy, was she on fire on the dance floor. While the female judges offered lukewarm comments, her biggest fan of the three – Wentink – praised: “I was absolutely spellbound. I think you have star quality. If I was auditioning, you two would be in one of my dance shows.”

He might have to do good on that last statement as Mbau has already taken it as a challenge for the future.

And she blew the scores out of the water by scoring two eights and a seven.


Rugby player John Mametsa is turning up the heat to sizzling levels. If he wasn’t married, he would have been by the end of this series.

Although a strong person, his rumba was imbued with a gentleness and he sexily worked those hips. That he received a standing ovation speaks volumes of his performance. In fact, he left Samantha Peo so emotional she could barely speak.

A more composed, but visibly impressed Kgobokoe noted: “You are strong. My goodness. For a man as strong as you to be able to be so gentle was very, very important.”

And then she gave him a five. Shakes head.

Another celeb who was scintillating on the floor was LeAnne Dlamini with a very, very sexy salsa.

After praising her for her Vogue cover girl looks, Wentink said: “There were some great moments and I actually felt like I was in Cuba in a nightclub. And then there were moments were I felt it was too casual – almost like you were party-dancing. Even though it was a salsa, it is a competition so try to find a balance between the two. Overall, great job.”


It was a combination of her stiffness and conservative nature that worked against Janine Davies. In a dance-off with Leandi, she became the first casualty of this season.

She says: “I was so proud of my performance (a salsa to Gloria Estefan’s Congo). I really struggled with the routine and even made mistakes during the dress rehearsal. I had a lot of challenges with perfecting the routine. The fact that I nailed it during the live show made me so happy. I think the judges might have been a little too harsh on us and should have given us more credit for such a technical routine.”

On being shown the door, she comments: “I expected it purely because the judges did not criticise Leandie on her performance during the show and only the choreography. And then with me they weren’t happy with my performance.”

Although she feels bad about letting her partner down by being eliminated, she cherishes the experience nonetheless.

Of all the judges, her worse was Peo: “My first week she wanted me to give more emotion then the second week she really didn’t enjoy my dance and never noticed my emotion.”

• Strictly Come Dancing, on Friday at 8pm on SABC3. And the result show is on Saturday night.

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