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It’s make or break time for jumbos

The slump in sales of jumbo jets has raised questions over how long manufacturers can sustain production.

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Carbon tax to hurt growth, socio-political stability and exacerbate unemployment

The carbon tax will have a serious negative impact on the goods-producing sectors of the economy, particularly mining, manufacturing and agri-processing by maki... Read Story

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Opinion: Bottled gas sector could alleviate Eskom woes

Bottled gas is one energy lever the government can pull. Once upon a time, Eskom had a good idea. No, it had an excellent idea. Honest. The trouble is it killed... Read Story

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Greed never felt so good to Hong Kong bulls
April 13 2015 at 11:42

The mania that sent the Shanghai Composite Index to an 89-percent advance over the past 12 months is spreading to Hong Kong.

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Price stickiness messes up economy’s smooth running
April 13 2015 at 05:53

I once asked a famous macroeconomist: “So, what really causes recessions?” His reply came immediately: “Unexplained shocks to investment.”

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More dumping is happening in South Africa
April 13 2015 at 04:36

Our country is a real dumping place for cheap and poor workmanship bolts and nuts which are allowed into South Africa by Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies.

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Agoa not a route to challenge tariffs
April 13 2015 at 04:32

While Patrick Gaspard diplomatically dances around the issue of US chicken imports into South Africa (“Setting the record straight on Agoa renewal for SA”, Business Report, April 10) several facts remain unchal... Read Story

Picking up pieces after terror attack
April 12 2015 at 04:11

While Zimbabwe continues to punch below its weight, Kenya, East Africa’s economic powerhouse, rises above the Al-Shabaab terror, writes Victor Kgomoeswana

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Westonaria owes Eskom R70m
April 11 2015 at 11:26

One of the two Gauteng municipalities facing a blackout by Eskom, for failing to pay its hefty R70 million electricity bill, is pleading poverty.

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Why UK parcel couriers struggle to deliver
April 10 2015 at 12:26

The rise of online retail should - in theory - be a massive boost for British parcel delivery firms, writes Joanna Bourke.

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Watchword on English oil discovery is ‘but’…
April 10 2015 at 04:58

There could be up to 100 billion barrels of oil onshore beneath southern England, the chief executive of a small exploration firm told the BBC yesterday in an interview. To which the correct response was “yes, but... Read Story

IMF is watching former darling Ghana closely
April 10 2015 at 04:31

Just a few years ago, Ghana seemed to be one of Africa’s few good news stories. The country was on a path to paying back the international creditors it had relied on for decades, and was widely lauded for managing fi... Read Story

Setting the record straight on Agoa renewal for SA
April 10 2015 at 04:27

Media stories in the South African press have published a wide variety of opinions on the ongoing discussions concerning the renewal of the African Growth and Opportunity Act as it relates to South Africa.

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Items 11 - 20 of 352