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An instititution that Brics can bank on takes off

Ahead of the 7th Brics summit which started yesterday in the Russian city of Ufa, Business Report spoke to Leslie Maasdorp, the newly appointed vice president o... Read Story

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ANC must emulate Afrikaners to bring transformation

A Stellenbosch university professor once said the ANC lacked a coherent system or philosophy that was designed to transform the South African society and econom... Read Story

IOL pic june4 Greece drachma notes

Greece’s high-risk gamble

If the hard rhetoric is to be believed, the process for ejecting Greece from the single currency will begin soon, writes Ben Chu.

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How Costolo is shaping his legacy
July 2 2015 at 10:31

Dick Costolo is trying to frame himself as the person who helped Twitter evolve from a Silicon Valley toy into a global force, writes Sarah Frier.

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FDI is down, but SA is weathering the storm well
July 2 2015 at 04:51

By all accounts, the real impact of the 2008 global financial crisis will be understood fully quite late. This is true if you consider the lack of a coherent theoretical platform upon which analysis of that situation is ba... Read Story

Plunge a sign China’s magic wand is losing its power
July 2 2015 at 04:44

Chinese policymakers seem to have exhausted whatever magical powers they had been using to keep their economy aloft. Chinese stocks have been plunging even as Beijing has used every trick it knows to support the market. Read Story

Cycle of loans to pay loans is clearly unsustainable for Greece’s economy
July 2 2015 at 04:32

As the clock ticked midnight on Tuesday Greece missed its deadline to repay around e1.6 billion (R22bn) to the International Monetary Fund.

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Think beyond microfinance when talking about businesswomen
July 1 2015 at 04:57

As the Third International Financing for Development conference kicks off in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Africa is set to begin implementing its ambitious 50-year development blueprint, Agenda 2063, bringing into focus the issu... Read Story

What happens if Athens doesn’t pay?
June 30 2015 at 09:04

Ben Chu ponders nine key questions about Greece’s debt crisis.

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Farlam report blames Marikana victims
June 30 2015 at 04:45

The release of the Farlam report and its findings is welcomed with disbelief and confirmation of our suspicions.

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Manufacturing sector needs support
June 30 2015 at 04:43

It wasn’t very long ago when ours was called a dark continent, a basket case. The winds of change moved swiftly. Little did we know then how much faster the pace would get and that in such a short time consitutionali... Read Story

Africa also investing in China
June 30 2015 at 04:33

China, the world’s newest economic superpower, surpassed the US as Africa’s largest trading partner in 2009.

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‘Future’ of towns and cities depends on new act
June 29 2015 at 05:04

Seismic activity is not limited to the San Andreas Fault. On July 1, 2015, in sunny South Africa, the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act comes into operation.

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Items 11 - 20 of 403