London - Does your arrogant, imperious cat look down its furry nose at you? Now you can find out if it has reason to.

A geneticist in the US has developed a cat ancestry test that will reveal your pet’s lineage.

Leslie Lyons, who runs a feline genetics laboratory at the University of California, claims her £75 cat genome test will discover if a pet’s parents or grandparents belong to one of 29 “major fancy breeds” - a sort of Who Do You Think You Are? for felines.

Order a kit online, send them a cheek swab from your pet and within ten to 15 days you’ll know if your pet is descended from a thoroughbred or the local alley cat.

Professor Lyons isolates DNA from the swab and tests for specific genetic markers, which she compares against a database of cat profiles from around the world. - Daily Mail