Who’s my baby? Charlie the dog


London - Last year it saw all too many abandoned pets come through its doors, including a Yorkshire terrier called Megatron and a cat named Batman.

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File photo: A woman whos bakkie was hijacked with her dogs still in it, was reunited with her pets after an internet post asking for help.

But according to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, the trend for animal names increasingly mirrors baby names.

The charity said Charlie is the most popular boys’ name for both cats and dogs, with Jack, Max and Alfie in the top ten. Bella, Molly, Lily and Daisy were in the top ten for female cats and dogs.

Louise Taylor, who checks in all new arrivals, said: “Many of us see our pets as another child, so are clearly making similar choices.”

Most popular dogs’ name


1. Charlie

2. Buster

3. Jack

4. Max

5. Tyson.


1. Bella

2. Roxy

3. Daisy

4. Poppy

5. Molly.

Most popular cats’ names:


1. Charlie

2. Oscar

3. Tiger

4. Tom

5. Felix


1. Coco

2. Bella

3. Milly

4. Lily

5. Molly. - Daily Mail

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