London - If you are dreading the prospect of a child’s Christmas list packed with hi-tech gadgets, take heart.

You may find some rather familiar – and distinctly 1980s – toys on there instead.

Cabbage Patch Kids, Twister, Lego and Furbys are all expected to be bestsellers this year, according to the toy industry’s list of “must-have” presents.

Although, sadly for cash-strapped parents, the nostalgic feel doesn’t come with a matching price tag.

Cabbage Patch Kids sold in their millions after they were first launched in 1983. The dolls, which cost £29.99 (about R400), are supposedly found in vegetable patches and adopted by children.

Twister, the classic game which was hugely popular in the 1970s and 80s, is expected to sell well this year too, in a modern form called Twister Dance and priced at £26.99.

There are also two Lego sets on the list, one of which, called Olivia’s House, is aimed specifically at girls. It costs £69.99.

Furby, the cuddly electronic owl, is also predicted to make a comeback. It sold 40 million across the world at the height of its popularity in the 1990s. The owl, which costs £59.99, now has LCD eyes.

But the list, compiled by the Toy Retailers Association, isn’t entirely nostalgic. It also includes two hi-tech children’s tablets.

Frederique Tutt, an industry analyst, said: “There are a lot of toys that have re-launched this year as they have a long lifespan and are nostalgic to parents.

“Retailers like these toys as they are proven sellers.” - Daily Mail