British Airways might scrap free meals on long-haul flights

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British Airways may introduce charges for meals on long-haul flights in economy class at the same time as cramming in more seats.

The airline has already caused controversy by ditching free food on short-haul services in favour of sandwiches.

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And it seems that policy could be extended to economy seats on long-haul flights to the US, Caribbean and Far East.

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At the same time, the airline is adding an extra seat into each row on many flights in a further move towards becoming a ‘no-frills' airline for people on a budget.

But while economy passengers are offered packaged sandwiches and tighter seating, Club World travellers will enjoy a new ‘culinary boutique experience'.

For BA is pouring R6,8 Billion (£400million) into upgrading the luxury for customers who turn left when boarding its aircraft.

Details of the changes were revealed by BA's boss, Alex Cruz, who claims that customers on short-haul flights have come to appreciate the menu changes after a ‘rough start'. He argued the change, which came into effect in January had been a  ‘perfect decision'.

Cruz said: ‘It's going great. Customers say to us: ‘‘Finally, I have good choices. No more chicken or beef''.'

Asked if the service could be extended to long-haul economy, he told the UK Sunday Times: "We might do it."

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Explaining the two levels of service Cruz says: "We need to focus on enhancing premium – offering contemporary service, improved catering and lounges and a consistent experience.

"In economy, where we know that price is the driver, we need to focus our efforts on delivering more seats at the lowest fares and giving customers choices."

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