Roast chicken cupcake, anyone? No? It might sound bizarre, but savoury cupcakes are the latest craze to sweep America and it seems they’re coming our way.

At Hollywood parties, lasagne cupcakes are the canapé of the moment, while in New York, cake-shaped snacks made of meat and topped with mashed potato “icing” are flying out of cafes.

And this year Manchester’s cutest “cupcakery” added nacho cheese, cheesy Marmite, smoked salmon with cream cheese and eggs and bacon to its menu.

Sarah Wilson, owner of Hey Little Cupcake, says: “We started doing them during Lent as a bit of fun. At first people were confused when they saw nacho-flavoured cupcakes on the menu, but once they tried them, they went down a storm. The Marmite ones have been particularly popular.”

The savoury cakes are made using the same recipe as a normal cupcake - but without the sugar: “The result is a bit doughier, so it’s a bit more like a bread,” says Wilson.

Alternatively, you can create dishes that merely look like cupcakes. For example, the lasagne cupcake is simply individual-sized lasagnes made in a bun tray, decorated with a cherry tomato - to look like a cherry on the top. - Daily Mail